Temperature Control And Cold Storage

Jan. 1, 2012

Stationary Monitoring of Critical Environments

The Saveris™ System automatically monitors critical temperature, humidity, and ambient pressure conditions in healthcare and laboratory facilities via wireless or Ethernet probes. Data is collected in multiple locations or departments simultaneously 24/7 and alarms are issued via email, SMS, or relays when control points are exceeded. The system's software, including 21 CFR for pharmacies, automatically generates reports for maximum control. A range of probes and accessories are available for the most demanding monitoring applications.

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The TCR standalone temperature chart recorder provides accurate and reliable temperature recording within a specified range. It is available in three models to record temperature ranges for ambient conditions from 0^0C to 35^0C, refrigeration from -5^0C to 20^0C, and freezing from -50^0C to 0^0C. The TCR includes 4″, -seven-day circular charts with inkless, pressure sensitive chart paper. Storage trays are available for all HELMER refrigerators and freezers including upright, undercounter, and pass-thru models. Packages come with dividers and rails so that each storage area can be customized. Remote alarms extend your existing system to remote locations in your facility. The RA1 offers monitoring of one device/zone and the RA4 provides monitoring of up to four devices/zones. Other accessories include: locking drawers, bridge shelves, drawer dividers, finish trim and skirt kits for pass-thru refrigerators, door handle and adapters for Pyxis® locks and Omnicell® FlexLocks.


Energy Efficient Sample Storage

The Revco® UxF Series of Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) freezers maximize sample storage capacity while minimizing energy usage. The portfolio incorporates a choice of high-performance or energy-saving modes which can be selected via the intuitive touch-screen interface. Sample protection is provided while using significantly less energy than previous generation Revco models, and the new range of freezers provides an energy-efficient approach to maintaining sample viability during long- and short-term cold storage. As a result of temperature uniformity throughout the internal chamber, space can be maximized and samples will be held at the pre-set optimal temperature. The series of ULT freezers minimize energy usage while maintaining temperature uniformity.

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