DiaSorin's President Streetman committed to customer care

Nov. 1, 2009

Carroll E. Streetman, Jr.


President, DiaSorin Inc.
Recently celebrated 10 years with DiaSorin.

COO of Company Care, Florida Group, Columbia/HCA; VP-Business
Development, Healthway Communications Intl.; Senior Sales Management,
Boehringer Mannheim Corp. (Roche Diagnostics)


BBA with honors, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS; Physician Assistant,
Internship, Duke University Medical Center; Physician's Assistant program,
University of Mississippi Medical Center; A.S. Nursing (RN), Hinds Community
College, Raymond, MS


Divides his time between Stillwater, MN, and Tampa Bay, FL. Spends leisure
time riding Paso Fino horses with wife, Janice. Enjoys boating with his two sons
and granddaughter. Member of Licensing Executives Society International;
International Institute of Directors and Managers (IIDM).


Diagnostic specialist. DiaSorin has been
developing, producing, and distributing specialized immunodiagnostic
reagent kits for the in vitro diagnostic laboratory for more than
40 years. We have developed unique proprietary technologies necessary to
produce the components used in various diagnostic tests to include
recombinant DNA, protein engineering, and polyclonal and monoclonal
antibodies, to name a few. These technologies allow us to target product
development and strategy on specialized assays which often are not a
focus of larger diagnostic companies.

Customers are crucial. Laboratorians
expect not only high-quality products and services but also rapid
responses to their issues and concerns. They are working in a fast-paced
environment with multiple responsibilities and are always striving to
improve efficiency and turnaround times. DiaSorin aims to improve its
response times to help our customers meet their goals. We are committed
to providing excellence in customer care and work to identify flexible
training and support solutions. Recently, we have begun to offer
Web-based seminars and training, which have proven to be very useful for
busy laboratorians. We partner with our customers to identify
opportunities for cost-saving measures which reduce spending and drive
revenue while, at the same time, focusing on expected performance and
throughput. Laboratories, whether hospital-based or commercial, play a
critical role in diagnosing patients with all types of infections, so
they often play a key role in influencing the development of new assays
by DiaSorin.

High-tech savings. We believe the future
for laboratories revolves around technology advances. The market
continues to be driven by increasing numbers of independent diagnostic
centers and by government's push toward decreased reimbursements for
medical and laboratory services. A decrease in reimbursements puts
pressures on the lab to find improvements in efficiencies and a
reduction in overall costs. Our advances in assay and instrument
technology fit in well with the laboratory looking for cost-saving

Charity begins at home. Annually, we hold
a week-long campaign during which our employees participate with a local
charity. Our employees look forward to this event and the excitement it
always creates. Throughout the year, we focus on charitable foundations
in the health industry, as well as those who provide assistance and
support to individuals with disabilities. We also support numerous
national and international university research projects in our sphere of

Attracting top talent. The most crucial
element in attracting young people to the medical lab industry is
cutting-edge technology. College graduates want to work with new
technology and for a company that is moving forward strategically with a
vision that promotes future advances in the industry and growth.
DiaSorin offers a professional summer internship program and also works
with the local college campuses to educate and inform students on the
positive impact of our industry. We also regularly attend career fairs
and work with career-service offices on campuses to recruit top talent.