Lab safety enhanced

Dec. 1, 2003
Improvements in lab safety have come from increased overall safety, government regulations and the development of personal protection devices. Todays high-tech clinical labs contain hazardous chemicals, complex electronic instruments and a wide variety of pathogens. Therefore, the concept of lab safety is of major concern. Investments in the design and development of innovative products and devices reduce the likelihood of injury and safeguard those who work in this high-risk environment.Closed ESR system
The Sediplast ESR System, a uniquely designed erythrocyte sedimentation rate test (Westergren), not only provides greater safety from the risk associated with blood handling, but also offers convenience, as well as reliable and reproducible test results. The system incorporates a pierceable stopper consisting of a thin diaphragm which, when pierced by the pipette, ensures a leakproof seal, guarantees a completely closed system, eliminates pipette filling and biohazard potentials, and permits safe disposal. The vented cap prevents blood from spraying out of the pipette, protects from overfilling by transferring any excess blood into a separate reservoir compartment and automatically brings blood level precisely at the columns zero-mark, eliminating manual techniques.Polymedco
Grouping, typing and cross matching
Intended as a safe and efficient means for blood banks to group/type or cross match, the SEG-SAFE segment processor safely accesses fluid from a segment. The single-use device is comprised of a protected stainless steel cannula for puncturing the segment with minimal hemolysis, a soft plastic body incorporating a container for holding the cell suspension, and a spout for dispensing calibrated drops calibrated at 25 per mL (+ 5 drops per mL) eliminating the need for a transfer pipette. It can be spun in standard centrifuges for 12×75-mm-size test tubes and should be disposed of in appropriate biohazard containers.PocketChem
UAAlpha Scientific Corp. differential slide preparation 
The H-Pette Dispenser offers a safe approach to slide preparation, eliminating the hazards of open tubes of blood and the consumption of slides and transfer-pipettes. The device consists of a paddle fitted with a sharp cannula on one end and a circular disc on the other. With gently applied thumb pressure, the sharpened cannula penetrates the septum of a blood-collection tube stopper. The collection tube is then inverted and the round edge of the H-Pette is gently pressed to the glass slide, transferring the blood sample directly to the slide. The tube is then rotated to turn the paddle side down, exposing the circular disc, which is used to complete the smear process. The H-Pette remains in place in the stopper and is disposed, complete with the test tube, as a biohazard or alternatively, it can be easily removed, if necessary. Helena
Laboratorries Corp.
Complete sterilization in seconds
Ideal for use in anaerobic chambers, the Bacti-Cinerator III safeguards lab personnel by providing a fast and safe way of sterilizing instruments without the use of open flame or hazardous gas. Instruments are placed into the deep ceramic transfer tunnel and sterilization/incineration of organic material takes place by infrared heat at an optimum temperature of 1,500F within five to seven seconds. The unit sterilizes loops and needles safely and conveniently, preventing infectious spatters and cross contamination. Optional extras include a slide dryer and loop rest. The slide dryer uses the heat generated by the incinerator to dry slides, sputum, exudates and other thick mucous fluids with no morphological distortions. The loop rest protects loop handles from overheating and/or melting.MarketLab
Glass disposal system
The Vyleater bench-top minivial crusher offers a safe and quick solution for quickly destroying autosampler vials, ampoules, culture tubes, 8-oz. bottles and glass syringe barrels. The unit crushes empty or filled vials with caps attached, eliminating decapping, draining and transferring waste, and is small enough for use on a lab bench or inside a fume hood. The electric model plugs into a standard 115V wall socket, and the manual model uses a unique hand-crank design to make short work of vials without needing an external power source. The safety designs include an interlocked door to permit operation only when the unit is closed. All the crushing takes place inside the machine. After shattering, the container material drops into a stainless steel basket, perforated to permit the collection of fluids. S
& G Enterprises Inc.
Portable workspace protection
OSHA compliant, the SplashGuard III is a versatile shield that is suspended by a long, cushioned aluminum bar from the under side of cabinets, freeing up valuable workspace. Serving as a mechanical barrier and offering unobstructed protection against potentially dangerous aerosols, and constructed of tough 3/8 acrylic, the shield measures 15×14. It can be adjusted forward/backward and slides from side to side for easy positioning over the work area to provide maximum protection.Hardy
Disinfectant and deodorizer
The EZ Dispenser automatically mixes a pre-calibrated 10% bleach solution from water and concentrate to disinfect and deodorize all types of lab work surfaces, eliminating biohazard contaminants. The kit is comprised of an EZ dispenser incorporating an adjustable nozzle for stream or mist spray, a companion water bottle, a bleach cartridge, which is opaque/light protected to maintain the integrity of concentrate, and a special pre-calibrated valve in the top ensuring a 10% mix with every squeeze of the trigger.Garren
Three-walled biospecimen bags
Compliant with OSHA standards, the SAFEGUARD Biohazard Specimen Bags have two separate compartments, one for specimens and the other for specimen-related paperwork. The three-walled, 2-mL polyethylene bags feature TearZONE for quick access, boldly imprinted biohazard symbol and a zipper closure, allowing repeated access to specimens. Available in 6×9, 8×10 and 12×15, the bags are packaged by 100s in convenient dispensers, which dispense one bag at a time. Globe
Solid-solution air cleaner 
An effective and economical solution for many lab applications, the Model 200 Winged Sentry (Laminar Flow) combines an air cleaner with a customized enclosure. The unit features adjustable side panels. Strong rear suction at the inlet delivers source capture for bench-top operation. A powerful, multispeed fan on top of the hood, combined with a variety of HEPA and carbon filters, provides strong suction of airborne contaminants. An optional transparent hinged lid completes a nearly perfect enclosure. The Winged Sentry with its modular design and sturdy construction of carbon steel with polyester epoxy coating can also act as a laminar flow hood. Sentry
Air Systems Inc. lab-safety training
Lab Safety Training Courses are customizable Microsoft PowerPoint training tools for safety officers that provide comprehensive coverage of 15 important lab-safety topics. Each course comes with a ready-to-use slide presentation, including speaker notes, and is accompanied by an electronic manual, quiz and completion certificate. The courses follow OSHA regulations, but can be edited to meet specific company requirements, allowing safety officers to deliver high-impact job training in an easy-to-follow format. ChemSW
OSHA directives compliant
Portex Saf-T Wing Blood Collection Sets offer winged needle safety, with product configurations that include three different needle sizes, two tubing lengths, and optional pre-attached Saf-T Holder device. The Saf-T Holder device incorporates a multi-sample luer adapter, protecting healthcare workers from back-end needle exposures and prohibiting holder re-use, ensuring compliance with OSHA directives.Portex
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