Ergonomic microscopes facilitate life in the lab

May 1, 2003
Critical aspects of key operator requirements, such as observation posture, positioning of control elements and making the most effective use of work space, have led to refinements in ergonomic design and structure in the BX41. These refinements enable comfort even during prolonged observations. CKX series microscopes make routine cell checking quicker and easier than ever because they are simple to operate, require minimal optical adjustments and capture the best possible observation images with efficiency. Use of a tilting observation tube, which allows the user to make observations while standing, is a convenient feature. In addition, the compact design allows installation right beside the incubator, improving safety and saving time spent on carrying specimens elsewhere for observation.BX41; ergonomic design
The DM LS2 and DMLB2 microscopes are ergonomically designed to be user friendly. The Advanced Ergo Tube has an adjustable viewing angle, and its telescopic eyepieces adapt to the physical characteristics of the individual user to provide relaxed working conditions. Considerable reduction of back and shoulder strain is also achieved with the Ergo-Lift, a height-adjustable microscope plate with flexible hand rests. In addition, the coaxial drive knobs are thicker and longer for more comfortable handling. Easy-grip plastic caps are available for these knobs and for the focus knob. The longer condenser lever also makes it easier to switch the condenser lens.Leica DM LS2; DM LB2Leica Microsystems with quality in mind
The new entry-level Axiostar plus is ideal for doctors offices, hospitals, laboratories, schools and universities even for outdoor use thanks to optional LED illumination. Its features, previously available only on higher-performance microscopes, include a fluorescence module for reflected-light illumination and a filter slider with a patented push-and-click technology that allows up to three fluorescence cubes to be used simultaneously. A scratch-proof ceramic stage with longer, expandable coaxial stage drive and friction control for x/y direction and a left-handed specimen holder is part of its configuration. The HBO 50 mercury lamp provides fluorescence excitation. A simple Ergo base plate solves discomforts associated with lengthy assignments. The base permits separate settings for four different viewing angles and heights to meet static ergonomic requirements of four users. A 30 binocular tube has a swing mechanism and adjustable viewing height for added comfort and convenience.Axiostar plus Carl telescopic head
Designed with user comfort in mind, the Eclipse E400 microscope offers exclusive features, such as in-line focusing and a tilting telescopic head with riser tubes, that give users increased productivity and less fatigue during long periods of use. One-hand focus control and low-profile stage height add to the ergonomic design. The E400 also features brightfield, darkfield, epi-fluorescence and phase contrast capabilities and uses the CFI60 series of infinity objectives.Eclipse E400 Microscope Nikon Bersch is managing editor of
May 2003: Vol. 35, No. 5
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