Randox unveils new coronavirus test at Medlab Middle East 2020

Feb. 7, 2020

A ground-breaking test for the potentially fatal 2019-nCoV strain of coronavirus, is in the final stages of development at global health diagnostics company Randox Laboratories.

The soon-to-be-launched test, developed on Randox’s patented Biochip Technology, will be available for immediate 2019-nCoV testing, but an additional enhanced multiplex array will also include tests for other respiratory viruses which can display the same symptoms.

The new enhanced Biochip will therefore allow clinicians to quickly and efficiently differentiate between potentially lethal and non-lethal infections.

The test will be available for the POC analyzer, the Vivalytic, within three hours, and within five hours on the Randox Evidence Investigator.

Benefits of the new Randox 2019-nCoV test

•             Quick turnaround times (three hours on Vivalytic and five hours on Evidence Investigator)

•             Multiplex array differentiates between mild and serious infection

•             Automated and semi-automated options available

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