Carolina Liquid Chemistries introduces water systems for chemistry analyzers

Oct. 11, 2021

Carolina Liquid Chemistries has introduced a new line of laboratory water systems.

There are two models for compatibility with a variety of automated clinical analyzers. To achieve high throughput, these analyzers are often installed with a laboratory water system that provides a steady supply of laboratory grade deionized water from a municipal water source to be used at various stages of operation.

Both water system models occupy less than two square feet of floor space and ride on casters for ease of maintenance. They both offer quality control features, operate at low power and low noise, and use easy-to-replace filters.

Carolina Liquid Chemistries provides reagents for chemistry and toxicology testing. The company also markets its own CLC Family of Clinical Chemistry Analyzers along with chemistry, hematology, and immunoassay analyzers from other manufacturers.

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