Sysmex America introduces RUO analyzer for malaria detection

Oct. 5, 2021

Sysmex America has introduced the XN-30 Research Use Only (RUO) Automated Hematology Analyzer, an automated analyzer for malaria detection.

Specialized reagents, a violet laser and advanced algorithms allow the XN-30 RUO to differentiate P. falciparum from non-falciparum species and determine the life cycle staging of the parasites detected.

In as little as one minute, the XN-30 RUO can report the level of parasitemia in an EDTA sample with a sensitivity as low as 20 malaria-infected red blood cells (MI-RBC) per microliter. Current malaria testing requires highly skilled researchers for viewing infected blood cells under a microscope or the use of rapid diagnostic tests that employ antigen–antibody reactions. Both methods yield results in about 15 to 30 minutes.

Using fluorescent stains and flow cell technology, the XN-30 RUO standardizes detection and enumeration of intracellular malarial parasites. Three levels of quality control material ensure analyzer performance and provide a new level of confidence in the results produced.

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