Product Focus - Diabetes

Oct. 22, 2020

Diabetes Control

The Liquichek diabetes control is a human whole blood-based product designed to monitor the precision of hemoglobin test procedures associated with diabetes monitoring. The control is available in 1 mL or 2 mL sizes, features a six-month shelf life at 2-8°C, and a 14-day open-vial stability at 2-8°C.

Bio-Rad Laboratories

HbA1c System

The CAPILLARYS 3 HbA1c offers high-resolution HbA1c results that are free from interference and provide variant detection for patients with hemoglobinopathies. The high throughput, fully-automated CAPILLARYS 3 systems best fit lab workflows while providing clinical added value for results.


T2DM Test

Traditional tests utilized in the assessment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) risk are inadequate and a superior marker is vital. Adiponectin levels are inversely correlated with the risk of T2DM across diverse populations and are currently the strongest and most consistent biomarker of T2DM risk assessment.

Randox Laboratories

Glucose Hospital Meter System

The StatStrip is the only glucose meter to receive clearance by the FDA for use with capillary sampling in critically ill patients. It is FDA-cleared for use with all patients, in all departments including with critically ill patients, on all sample types. Use of other glucose meters with critically ill patients is considered “off-label” by the FDA and CMS.

Nova Biomedical

POC Glucose Testing System

The Accu-Chek Inform II system offers healthcare professionals a total solution for point-of-care (POC) glucose testing, providing accurate results in five seconds. The wireless system includes easy-to-use lancets and seamless IT integration to reduce paperwork and allow healthcare providers to spend more time caring for patients.

 Roche Diagnostics 

Assay QC material

The Linearity FLQ HbA1c for Abbott Systems offers five distinct levels that demonstrate a linear relationship to each other for their respective analytes, reagents and instruments. Key features include storage of seven days when stored at 2-8°C, package size of 5 x 0.65mL, HbA1c analytes, and frozen liquid format.

AUDIT MicroControls

HbA1c Assay

The DZ168C-KY1 (Enzymatic, On-Board Lysis) is NGSP-certified and is used in the quantitative determination of stable HbA1c in venous whole blood samples with on-board blood lysis application. The measurement of HbA1c concentration is for use in monitoring long-term glucose control of persons with diabetes.

Diazyme Laboratories

HbA1c Analyzer

The DCA Vantage analyzer helps monitor glycemic control and detect early kidney disease in point-of-care (POC) environments. With the DCA Vantage, physicians can monitor glycemic control with HbA1c testing from a small (1 µL) whole blood sample in six minutes. The DCA Vantage analyzer meets NGSP performance criteria.

Siemens Healthineers

QC HbA1c Test

The A1c-Cellular Linearity is a five-level ready-to-use product featuring intact red blood cells to test the entire HbA1c procedure. A1c-Cellular Linearity is assayed on the top HbA1c chemistry analyzers and provides instrument-specific target values and expected ranges for immediate results


Glucose Assay

The no-wash Lumit insulin and glucagon immunoassays (CS3037A01, CS3037A02) can be completed in only 70 minutes using a standard plate-reading luminometer and are scalable from 96- to 384-well plates. The Lumit allows lab personnel to detect glucose-stimulated insulin or glucagon secretion without tedious wash steps.


A1c Analyzer

The ADAMS A1c HA-8180V is a fully automated hemoglobin A1c analyzer that utilizes gold standard HPLC technology. The analyzer has the lowest CVs on market (≤1 percent), eliminates interference from the most common hemoglobin variants, features on-board sample mixing, and eliminates routine chromatogram review.


A1c Analyzer

The Tosoh G8 is small footprint, simple to use, 1.6 min/test, 90-sample capacity cation exchange HPLC A1c analyzer that detects and presumptively identifies commonly occurring hemoglobin variants. The G8 comes with an optional 290 sample loader. The optional 501RP+ software provides reagent management and automated result review features.

TOSOH Bioscience

Diabetes Management Assays

Available assays include Access C-Peptide and HbA1c Advanced. C-Peptide offers best-in-class sensitivity and the lowest cross-reactivity to proinsulin, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes or other insulin-secretion disorders. HbA1c offers a fully automated, accurate and precise solution for diagnosing and monitoring diabetes.

Beckman Coulter

*Glycated Albumin Assay

The Lucica is intended to be used for the quantitative measurement of glycated albumin (GA) in serum. Measuring GA is useful for the intermediate term (preceding 2-3 weeks) monitoring of glycemic control in patients with diabetes. The Lucica assay is manufactured by Asahi Kasei Pharma and sold by EKF Diagnostics in the USA.

EKF Diagnostics

*HbA1c Analyzer

The Premier Hb9210 is a next-generation, fast, reliable HbA1c analyzer. It offers the perfect blend of modern technology and intuitive functionality with no interference from clinically significant variants. Key features include loading of up to 210 samples batch or continuous loading, and a 75-second analysis time. Trinity Biotech