June 2018 Product Focus - Analyzers

May 22, 2019
ESR analyzer

miniiSED is the newest addition to the iSED family of Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) analyzers from ALCOR Scientific. The miniiSED measurement of ESR is fast, accurate, and unaffected by variables associated with traditional methodologies, such as hematocrit. This single position, fully automated ESR analyzer works directly from primary EDTA tubes or BD Microtainer MAP Microtubes, requires 100 microliters of sample, has an internal barcode reader, and produces results in 15 seconds. The miniiSEDs small footprint combined with its advanced design and rapid time to result benefits ESR testing for small laboratories, POL’s, and emergency clinics. Manufactured in the USA. ALCOR Scientific

Hematology analyzer

The DxH 900 hematology analyzer enables clinical laboratories to perform complete blood count and white blood cell differential tests with minimal repeats. Demonstrating a 93 percent first-pass throughput, DxH 900 provides users with RBC, PLT, and WBC differentials through near native-state cellular characterization. This helps to generate reportable results as quickly as possible, reducing the time, supplies, and costs that may be required for systems with higher repeat rates. DxH 900 users can also utilize the Early Sepsis Indicator; a new hematologic biomarker designed to help emergency department physicians identify patients with sepsis or at increased risk of developing sepsis. Beckman Coulter

Blood group genotyping analyzer

Grifols blood group genotyping analyzer for when pre-transfusion testing requires (a) challenging antibody identification, i.e. warm autos, anti-CD38/CD47 patients, high-frequency antigen, no antisera available, recently transfused; (b) avoidance of generating antibodies that could harm future transfusion outcomes (regularly transfused patients, i.e. Sickle Cell, SCIDs, beta-Thalassemia, cancer); (c) shortened testing time for challenging antibody workups; (d) saving costs in laboratory testing, frequency of transfusions, and hospital bed stay; (e) saving in future testing costs as the genotype never changes (except for in bone marrow transplants); (f) bypassing common limitations in serology; (g) matching blood unit to patient at the genotype level to account for more blood group variability; and (h) improving transfusion outcomes for patients in need. GrifolsMolecular testing

Panther Scalable Solutions allows you to consolidate your molecular testing on a platform that offers scalability and growth. The Panther system is the foundation, with the option to add on: Panther Fusion, Panther Plus,* Panther Link,*and Panther Trax.* Choose from a selection of 14 available assays and six more in development. Panther Scalable Solutions expands your testing menu while adding on flexibility, capacity, and walkaway time.*In development and not for sale. Hologic

High-volume chemistry analyzer

The CLC1600 is a high-volume chemistry analyzer for both mid- and large-size clinical labs. It offers up-to-date software, micro-electronics, fluidics, and hardware. It accommodates up to four-part reagents, bar-coded sample tubes, and features discrete, random access, batch, and stat capabilities. The CLC1600 features up to 900 photometric tests per hour (1200 with ISE), uses less reagent, requires less maintenance, and is matched with customer support and service. Carolina Liquid Chemistries

Free light chain and special protein testing

Freelite on Optilite is a solution for free light chain and special protein testing. The Optilite, with its method of antigen excess protection and auto dilution to end results enables results to be delivered efficiently and accurately. Freelite is FDA cleared for monitoring of myeloma and AL amyloidosis, has been mentioned in international guidelines, and is referenced in over 3,000 scientific publications.  Binding Site

Fully automated random access bench-top systems

Thermo Scientific Indiko series, Indiko and Indiko Plus, are fully automated random access bench-top systems for clinical and specialty chemistry testing. Analyzer, reagents, and consumables form a fully supported system solution offering to the laboratory ease of use and time saving automation that supports routine daily work. The Indiko systems are targeted to small and medium sized laboratories. Thermo Fisher ScientificClinical chemistry analyzer

The RX imola is a cost-effective clinical chemistry analyzer. With a throughput of 400 photometric tests and up to 560 tests per hour including ISE, the RX imola provides rapid, comprehensive testing on a small footprint, benchtop analyzer. Random access, STAT sampling, and intuitive software functionality enable boosted productivity. The test menu is comprised of an extensive range of diagnostic reagents including routine chemistry, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants, and diabetes testing with over 113 tests available. Randox

Capillary separation

The Sebia CAPILLARYS 3 TERA provides high resolution capillary separation for HbA1c, serum proteins, serum immunofixation by capillary (immunotyping), and hemoglobins. The fully automated CAPILLARYS 3 TERA offers proven technology, enhanced throughput, increased walk-away capabilities, and more flexibility for large volume laboratories. Hemoglobin now available. Sebia

Immunoassay and clinical chemistry solution

The Atellica Solution is a flexible immunoassay and clinical chemistry solution featuring patented bi- directional magnetic sample-transport technology. The transport technology, together with a multi-camera vision system, intelligent sample routing, and automatic quality control and calibration capabilities, gives labs independent control over every sample to speed patient results to clinicians. Atellica Solution can handle more than 30 sample container types including pediatric and tube top sample cups that can be aspirated from the primary tube. Using the same reagents and consumables across different analyzer configurations, laboratories can streamline inventory control and deliver consistent patient results no matter where they are tested. Siemens

Five-part differential hematology analyzer

The BC-5390 is a five-part differential hematology analyzer with built-in autoloader and a single closed tube sample mode. The hemoglobin analysis is performed using cyanide-free reagent. The analyzer processes up to 60 samples per hour and stores up to 100,000 results with histograms and Scattergram. The barcode reader and optional LIS connectivity enable seamless sample data transmission. Nearly all scheduled maintenance procedures are automated by touch buttons. The intuitive software enhances workflow efficiency and provides operators with a pleasant user experience. Mindray