September 2016 Product Focus – Analyzers

Aug. 24, 2016

Automated, random access ESR analyzer

The iSED from ALCOR Scientific is a fully automated, random access ESR analyzer that uses blood samples drawn directly from the primary EDTA collection tube. Equipped with an internal barcode reader and printer, the 20-Position iSED is capable of analyzing samples in 20 seconds after automatic mixing. The iSED requires only 100µl of sample and is also compatible with the BD Microtainer MAP Microtube, making it ideal for pediatric samples. The iSED is able to be interfaced with any LIS. Product dimensions: 36 x 27 x 34 cm (14.3 x 10.5 x 13.4 in). Alcor

Rapid molecular platform

Alere i is a CLIA-waived rapid molecular platform that provides results in as little as eight minutes for Strep A and 15 minutes for Influenza A & B. A rapid molecular system for the qualitative detection of infectious diseases, this isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology provides molecular results in minutes. Its sample amplification process increases likelihood of detection and may compensate for suboptimal sample collection. It features an intuitive and user-friendly system requiring minimal training, a small footprint, and connectivity to the Alere RALS system, and is designed to streamline respiratory testing in the laboratory. Alere

AU family of clinical chemistry systems

Laboratories are undergoing a transformation—they are seeking to increase operational efficiency to drive down costs and enhance clinical effectiveness to improve patient care. The Beckman Coulter AU chemistry platform delivers low total cost of ownership supported by proven uptime, scalability, and use of fewer consumables. Improved clinical effectiveness and patient care are achieved through a broad menu offering of Six-Sigma quality assays and consistent high rankings in reliability and service. Beckman Coulter’s AU chemistry systems are designed across the entire spectrum of testing environments: from small- to medium-sized hospital laboratories to high and ultra-high volume core hospital and commercial laboratories. Beckman Coulter

New family of chemistry analyzers

The Carolina Liquid Chemistries (CLC) new family of chemistry analyzers, which range from a space-saving bench top model to powerful high-volume chemistry analyzers, delivers cost-effective laboratory automation and operational improvement solutions for clinical and reference laboratories of all sizes. CLC chemistry analyzers are easy to use and offer laboratory directors and managers quick startup times, and are low-maintenance. CLC offers 24/7 on-site service and assistance with performing validations. CLC has a wide variety of assays for general chemistry and toxicology. CLC continues to market reagents for use on Olympus and Beckman Synchron analyzers. Carolina Liquid Chemistries

Automated enzyme immunoassay analyzer

Triturus is a completely open, fully-automated enzyme immunoassay analyzer capable of performing a variety of assays and processing consecutive batches simultaneously. There is minimal instrument preparation time due to an easy sample loading process and the automatic workbench configuration. The system has high sample processing speed from two independent probes. The probes can use fixed needles or utilize disposable tips. The intuitive, easy-to-use software allows for an ideal user interface. The Triturus is flexible, reliable, and cost-efficient to meet laboratory needs. Grifols

Automated sample-to-answer instrument

The Panther system provides excellent control of workflow, driven by random-access and continuous loading of molecular samples, reagents, and consumables. This innovative design enables labs to improve productivity and accelerate results, ultimately helping enhance patient care, while reducing lab costs. Created to be a fully automated sample-to-answer instrument, the Panther system eliminates the need for batch processing and automates all aspects of nucleic acid testing on a single, integrated platform. This system combines walk-away freedom with intuitive design for ease of use. Hologic

Routine and specialty hemostasis testing

The new ACL TOP Family 50 Series offers the most advanced automation and quality management for routine and specialty hemostasis testing in mid- to high-volume labs. All models are standardized and offer automated pre-analytical sample integrity checks to identify under-filled sample tubes, abnormal sample aspiration potentially caused by clots, and assay-specific interference from hemolysis, lipemia, and bilirubin. Plus, new lab accreditation tools make compliance easier. Better efficiency and quality management for labs and better quality care for patients. Instrumentation Laboratory

Blood lead analyzers

Magellan Diagnostics’ FDA-approved blood lead analyzers use electrochemistry to provide quantitative results in three minutes, using just 50 µL of blood. LeadCare Ultra offers throughput and convenience for high-volume clinical labs, while LeadCare Plus makes it cost-effective for labs to bring lead testing in house at virtually any volume. These compact systems feature electronic calibration, require no set-up or routine maintenance, and do not need highly trained staff to operate them. Magellan analyzers include LeadCare II, a blood lead analyzer for use at the point of care. Magellan Diagnostics

Semen analyzers

The SQA-Vision was developed based on 10 years of market feedback and is positioned to augment the Medical Electronic Systems (MES) line of SQA-V and QwikCheck semen analyzers with a top of the line solution. The SQA-Vision includes a high resolution visual interface, bar code scanner, LIS capability, and “touch-to-mark” technology for assessing sperm vitality and conducting full differential morphology. MES developed the SQA-Vision as an intuitive tool for fertility screening, post-vasectomy follow-up, sperm banking, research, or detailed IVF assessment. The system reports sperm concentration, motility (PR + NP), morphology, and more in 75 seconds. Medical Electronic Systems

Clinical chemistry ensemble

MedTest, exclusive U.S. distributor of the Mindray 480 Chemistry Analyzer, manufactures and distributes reagents, calibrators, and quality control products for the general chemistry and drugs of abuse testing markets. MedTest provides customized installation, on-site operator training, technical phone support, and on-site support if needed. The 480 analyzer produces 400 photometric results per hour and 240 ISE tests per hour with an overall throughput of 560 tests per hour. Advanced features of the BS-480 analyzer include Auto-Start-Up, QC, Rerun, Pre-dilution, Post-dilution, ISE Calibration, Probe Cleaning, Reagent Blank Checks, and Probe Collision Recovery, which provides the laboratory with smooth operational and enhanced workflow efficiencies. MedTest

Blood gas analyzers

Nova Biomedical delivers critical care and point-of-care blood gas analyzers with the Stat Profile Prime Critical Care System (CCS). Prime CCS features ZERØ maintenance cartridge technology consisting of individual cartridges for biosensors, calibrators, and automated, on-board, external liquid QC. This design optimizes cartridge life; improves analyzer uptime; and eliminates the waste, downtime, and higher costs of older, combined calibrator/sensor cartridge systems—providing exceptional value in a critical care whole blood analyzer. Prime delivers a full 10-test profile in just 60 seconds: pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, iCa, Cl, Glucose, and Lactate. Nova Biomedical

Bench-top analyzer

Sofia integrates proven lateral-flow technology with advanced fluorescent chemistry to deliver highly accurate, objective rapid-testing results. Simple procedures, fast turnaround times, dual test modes, and comprehensive assay menu allow Sofia to easily adapt to a variety of healthcare settings, from smaller physician offices to large hospital labs. Sofia’s intuitive benchtop analyzer with onboard data management, paired with Virena cloud technology. delivers laboratory management functionality by providing remote, secure access to user data including patient test, QC, and calibration history. Quidel

Bench-top clinical chemistry analyzer

Patient care and medical technology advancement are the primary focuses of clinical chemistry testing. Developed by Randox, the RX series of clinical chemistry analyzers focuses on pushing the boundaries of high quality machinery for diagnostic performance. The RX daytona+ is a bench-top, fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer capable of performing routine and specialized testing and emergency STAT sampling. The RX daytona+ combines robust hardware and intuitive software with the RX series test menu, putting technology at the heart of the laboratory. Randox

Special protein testing

The Binding Site Optilite: 1. Enhances efficiency by (a) boosting productivity with consistently reliable performance; (b) minimizing reagent usage through optimized assay protocols; and (c) maximizing test throughput with continuous loading / unloading. 2. Optimizes workflow by (a) prioritizing effectively with flexible, unrestricted access to samples, reagents and cuvettes; (b) minimizing sample preparation time by loading any combination of sample tubes and fluid types; and (c) eliminating manual sample dilutions, since Optilite re-dilutes to end result. 3. Provides trusted results by (a) delivering accurate results with three methods of antigen excess detection, providing unparalleled protection; (b) simplifing data security through automatic lot number recognition and full traceability; and (c) accessing dedicated technical and clinical special protein experts for all support needs. Binding Site

Automated sed-rate analyzer

Streck’s ESR-Auto Plus, an automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) analyzer, accurately and precisely measures the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes in 30 minutes. The ESR-Auto Plus features >98 percent correlation to Modified Westergren Method; 10-sample capacity and random access 15-minute prediction mode; built-in printer for walk-away capability; and barcode scanner to prevent data transcription errors. This analyzer incorporates a data log file system which stores up to 100 runs of QC data per level and up to 500 patient results. Data can be downloaded to a laboratory information system (LIS). Streck

Flexibility and operational efficiencies

The Sysmex XN-Series includes an extensive portfolio designed to meet the overall efficiency needs of laboratories of all sizes. The Compact Automation portfolio, XN-1000, XN-2000, and XN-3000, delivers advanced clinical information and process optimization (sample and data management) to smaller and mid-size laboratories. The analytical units (XN-10) provide a comprehensive CBC and differential along with advanced measures of hematopoiesis through advanced, reportable parameters: automated IG,  NRBC (with every CBC), reticulocyte hemoglobin RET-He and immature reticulocyte fraction (IRF), immature platelet fraction (IPF) and fluorescent platelet count (PLT-F) and automated body fluid count (with a 2-part differential). Process improvements are realized through walk-away testing, maintenance, automated rerun/reflex testing and integrated smear preparation and automated smear review. These capabilities improve operational efficiencies, result turnaround times, and overall delivery of patient care. Sysmex

Cardiac biomarker analyzer

PATHFAST is the only cardiac biomarker analyzer available in the United States with a 5.1 percent CV for Troponin I at the 99th percentile cutoff.* With the flexibility to run whole blood or plasma samples, PATHFAST allows for up to six simultaneous tests in under 17 minutes. The test menu includes Troponin I, CK-MB, NTproBNP, D-Dimer, hsCRP, and Myoglobin. With measurement unaffected by hemolysis†, results can be obtained quickly with accuracy and precision.* Source: IFCC Table of analytical characteristics of commercial cardiac Troponin I and T assay declared by the manufacturer – November 2014 ( † up to 1000 mg/dL.Verbatim

Fully automated molecular testing

The cobas 6800 and 8800 systems are fully automated solutions designed for clinical and donor-screening molecular testing. Based on Nobel prize-winning PCR technology, they offer fully integrated automation with shorter time to results, providing greater flexibility to increase overall workflow efficiencies for routine molecular testing. The systems allow for simultaneous processing of multiple assays and enable up to eight hours of “walk-away” time (cobas 6800) with minimal user interaction. The systems can deliver up to 384 (cobas 6800) or 960 (cobas 8800) results in an eight-hour shift. Roche Diagnostics