Luxor Scientific unveils testing solutions to combat escalating illicit drug crisis

June 21, 2024
Luxor Scientific update.

Luxor Scientific has developed testing to address the nation’s overdose crises associated with substances like bromazolam, tianeptine, xylazine, and nitazenes, providing healthcare professionals the information needed to develop more effective treatment plans.

Bromazolam, often labeled as 'Fake Xanax,' is misrepresented as genuine Xanax, leading to a surge in overdose incidents and widespread concern among healthcare and law enforcement. Consumed orally to alleviate anxiety and panic, bromazolam's availability online exacerbates the risk. Similarly, tianeptine, known as 'gas station heroin,' administered intravenously for a euphoric effect, has recently prompted Louisiana to ban it due to reports of seizures and loss of consciousness. Additionally, the emergence of xylazine, a potent horse tranquilizer mixed with fentanyl, exacerbates the crisis, causing zombie-like behavior in users.

Luxor Scientific has the capability to detect over 100 drugs and metabolites, including novel illicits.

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