Early Check newborn screening study taps Revvity to provide genome sequencing

May 6, 2024
The North Carolina-based study will continue to test enrolled newborns for hundreds of childhood-onset rare genetic conditions.

RTI International announced that Early Check, a research study that provides free voluntary health tests for newborns up to four weeks old in North Carolina, has chosen Revvity, Inc. to conduct genome sequencing for the study starting in May. 

The agreement with Revvity will allow Early Check to continue to test newborns for hundreds of childhood-onset rare genetic conditions, many of which are not included in North Carolina’s standard newborn screening, as the study assesses critical questions about when and how to integrate genome sequencing into universal newborn screening.

The agreement will also allow Early Check to expand the screening to include even more conditions and to continue offering an optional test that assesses a newborn’s genetic risk of developing type 1 diabetes in their lifetime, which approximately 80% of parents choose to receive.

RTI release