INTEGRA offers a clear advantage for NGS library preparation

Oct. 15, 2019

INTEGRA Biosciences has a suite of products designed to lower the cost of PCR setup and NGS library preparation. From Clear Advantage multichannel reagent reservoirs to VOYAGER adjustable tip spacing electronic multichannel pipettes, the company’s products can help to ensure efficient and reliable pipetting while reducing experimental costs.

As the price of NGS equipment has decreased, the cost of library preparation has remained high, due to expensive reagents and the time required for precise pipetting. INTEGRA’s Clear Advantage reagent reservoir portfolio saves money and space by using disposable inserts that fit into reusable bases, and the 10, 25 and 100 ml multichannel reagent reservoirs are now available with our innovative SureFlo system to minimize dead volumes.

SureFlo works on a simple but powerful principle. A series of tiny channels enable pipette tips to sit on the bottom of the reservoir, without sealing or creating a vacuum. This ensures that reagents flow smoothly, preventing liquid ‘popping’ into tips, filters or pipettes – an issue that can lead to cross-contamination, inaccurate results and increased pipette maintenance. Each reservoir also has a specially formulated inert, hydrophilic treatment that prevents liquid from pooling, resulting in a reservoir designed to offer the lowest dead volumes on the market – with all reservoirs offering dead volumes of less than 50 μl. 

Available in 10, 25 and 100 ml sizes – as well as a divided reservoir option – the SureFlo polystyrene and polypropylene reservoirs are ideal for use with expensive reagents, such as PCR master mixes. Combined with the ASSIST PLUS pipetting robot and recently launched Dual Reservoir Adapter, these reagent reservoirs can transform your NGS library preparation workflow – saving you time and money.

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