Liquid stable reference materials launched

Aug. 3, 2021

Verichem Laboratories announced the availability of ready-to-use, liquid stable clinical reference materials for microprotein testing.

The products are intended for the calibration and calibration verification of clinical systems testing for total protein and albumin in both urine and cerebral spinal fluid (CFS). The five-level set of materials provides ten individual certified concentrations, in a liquid stable, azide-free format, where all concentrations are assigned by definitive procedures using human protein components of known purity.

Suitable for use with both turbidimetric and colorimetric test methodologies, Verichem’s Clinical Reference Materials for Micoprotein incorporates human protein components for optimum reactivity.  Each of the certified gravimetric concentration levels of these materials employs a distinctive set point design with equidistant target concentrations to address the current CLIA requirements for clinical system accuracy, sensitivity, linearity, and reportable range.

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