PrognomiQ's latest research demonstrates the potential of its multi-omics liquid biopsy platform in early-stage detection of lung cancer

Jan. 9, 2024
Multi-omics blood-based biomarkers in lung cancer reveal high performance in early detection.

PrognomiQ announced promising results from one of the largest, deep multi-omics studies conducted to date. The study, published online in medRxiv, focused on subjects at risk for lung cancer, demonstrating the power of multi-omics to deliver both high sensitivity and high specificity in the detection of early-stage lung cancer.

These encouraging data stem from a 2,513-subject case-control study which analyzed the molecular differences between the peripheral blood plasma of lung cancer subjects and non-cancer controls, many of whom were at high-risk for lung cancer. The study used a statistical classifier based on identified molecular features that demonstrated high performance in all stages of detection, including early-stage disease. Given the focus on high-risk populations in this study, the team focused on prioritizing high sensitivity, particularly for early-stage cancer. The research demonstrated:

  • 89% overall sensitivity and 89% specificity in the validation cohort

  • 80% sensitivity for stage I lung cancer

  • 88% sensitivity for stage II lung cancer

  • 98-100% sensitivity for stage III-IV lung cancer

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