KHIDI facilitates expansion of 35 Korean diagnostic device companies into the American market

July 21, 2023
Workshops, healthcare IR event, and exhibition booth at AACC 2023 in Anaheim, CA, USA.

Korea Health Industry Institute (KHIDI), a government organization in the Republic of Korea, has announced a plan to host events supporting Korean medical device companies in their entry into the North American market. These events will be held in conjunction with AACC 2023 Expo. The AACC Expo showcases a wide range of products, allowing attendees to stay updated on the latest trends in diagnostic devices.

KHIDI will be hosting the workshop titled "Korea's Continued Leadership in the Diagnostic Field: Showcasing Remarkable Products" at Theater 1 at 2:45pm on July 25th. During this workshop, five Korean in vitro diagnostic device companies, including Seegene, Inc. and PCL, Inc., will present the clinical evaluation results of their exceptional products, highlighting their technological excellence. The purpose of these presentations is to promote the advanced technology and capabilities of these companies and their products.

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