Owlstone medical presents data demonstrating progress in development of breath biopsy tests for liver cirrhosis and NASH

June 22, 2023
Findings support the use of limonene as an EVOC probe for the detection of cirrhosis, and demonstrate correlation with disease severity.

Owlstone Medical announced new data on the development of novel tests for the detection of liver disease. Results serving as proof of principle towards the goal of deploying tests for liver cirrhosis and the detection of Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) were presented in a poster at the EASL Congress 2023, the annual meeting of the European Association for Study of the Liver, June 21-24 in Vienna, Austria.

The poster ‘Dynamic Limonene Breath Testing Maximizes Classification Performance for Subjects with Cirrhosis’ describes Owlstone’s research efforts to establish limonene as a non-invasive EVOC Probe for liver disease through a cross-sectional study run at the Facultad de Medicina Clínica Alemana Universidad del Desarrollo and Hospital Padre Hurtado, Santiago, Chile.

The study enrolled 29 ultrasound-confirmed cirrhosis cases and 29 healthy controls to assess the performance of Owlstone’s dynamic limonene breath test in cirrhosis detection, to determine the optimal time for collection of a breath sample following ingestion of the EVOC probe, and to explore the correlation between limonene bioavailability and severity of disease.

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