Revvity’s EUROIMMUN new automated IIFT system

June 2, 2023
The UNIQO 160 allows labs to perform fast, high-quality image capture and analysis to deliver timely, more reliable results.

Revvity, Inc. announced that its EUROIMMUN business has launched the UNIQO 160 (CE-IVDR), an automated indirect immunofluorescence test (IIFT) system for autoimmune disease diagnostics. Now available in countries accepting the CE mark, this product increases the efficiency of the IIFT process, encompassing sample preparation, incubation, washing and mounting of slides as well as image acquisition and analysis.

The UNIQO 160 integrates a fully automated processing system and high-quality microscope in a single benchtop device that can be seamlessly integrated into existing diagnostics laboratory workflows. Capable of processing 160 primary samples and 18 slides per run, the UNIQO 160 automatically identifies individual samples, reagents and slides loaded into the system by barcode. The UNIQO 160 also covers incubated slides with a mounting medium and a cover glass to protect them from drying out – an important step to create desirable conditions for subsequent acquisition of high-quality fluorescence images.

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