Grifols launches AlphaID at home, enabling U.S. consumers to self-screen for genetic COPD

May 12, 2023
Alpha-1 is the most common genetic risk factor for COPD.

Grifols announced it has launched its AlphaID At Home Genetic Health Risk Service (AlphaID At Home), the free direct-to-consumer program in the U.S., to screen for the genetic risk of alpha1-antitrypsin deficiency (alpha-1). 

With AlphaID At Home people can collect a small saliva sample without needing to visit a healthcare professional to learn their risk of developing lung and/or liver disease linked to alpha-1.  

AlphaID At Home is now available to order in the U.S. without cost through a secure HIPAA-compliant online portal. 

Once the at-home screening kit arrives, individuals simply collect their saliva sample and send it to a CLIA-certified lab for processing. After a few weeks, they can access their genetic results on the secure online portal. Individuals are encouraged to share the results with their doctor, as only a healthcare provider can make a diagnosis of alpha-1. 

Cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in November 2022 for direct-to-consumer use, AlphaID At Home screens for the 14 most prevalently reported genetic mutations associated with alpha-1 – the most of any test of its kind – including the S, Z, F, I alleles, as well as rare and null alleles. 

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