Product Focus - Centrifuges

April 21, 2021

Used for cell, organelle, virus, protein, and nucleic acid purification, centrifuges separate fluids, gases, or liquids based on density. Separating whole blood components, serum or plasma can be used for different assays, making centrifuges an essential part of the lab.

Cell-suspension automation

The Cytopro Cytocentrifuge 7622 automates the cytocentrifugation of cell suspensions to facilitate the sedimentation of cells onto a slide, getting a five-to nine-fold increase in the number of cells on the slide. Patented flow control increases cell yield and delivers consistent results.


High-speed microcentrifuge

The Micro 12 centrifuge is a versatile microcentrifuge, ideal for clinical, molecular and bacteriological applications. It is designed for small volume samples, quick spin downs, cell and bacteria separations, plus nucleic acid tests. It can be used to separate DNA due to its maximum spin speed of 14,000 rpm and centrifugal force of 16,000g.

EKF Diagnostics

Floor-standing centrifuges

The Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST4 F Plus and Megafuge ST4 Plus centrifuges are designed to address the full spectrum of clinical protocol requirements. These floor-standing models enhance placement flexibility in cramped clinical laboratories, while their TX-1000 rotor maximizes capacity for up to 196 x 5/7 blood tubes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific