March 2020 Product Focus - CHEMISTRY ANALYZERS

Feb. 20, 2020

Chemistry Analyzer

The DxC 700 AU analyzer combines the capabilities of two successful analyzers into one standardized platform. It delivers maximum uptime, high reliability and precise performance for mid- to high-volume clinical labs. Now available on the DxC 700 AU is the fully automated HbA1c Advanced hemoglobin assay that delivers increased throughput capability compared to HPLC systems.

Beckman Coulter

Fully Automated Analyzer

The BA-800M is a versatile, cost-effective, random-access chemistry analyzer for mid- to large-volume, moderate or highly complex clinical labs. It is useful for general screening with U.S.-manufactured reagents under ISO 13-485, and performs analysis (chemistry, toxicology, specialty assays, STAT testing) up to 800 tests per hour, or to 1,200 including ISE.

MedTest DX

Chemistry Analyzer

The Pentra C400 analyzer doesn’t require a water system, drain or special electrical requirements to operate, and analyzes assays in disposable cuvettes. The system provides 40 open channels, 55 on-board programmable parameters and 44 refrigerated positions ensuring reagent stability. The Pentra C400 processes 420 tests per hour and is capable of handling the demands of the POL, clinic or low- to mid-volume hospital lab.


Chemistry System

The VITROS XT Solutions, which include the new VITROS XT 3400 chemistry system and the VITROS XT 7600 integrated system with new XT MicroSlides, bring cutting-edge technology to labs. The VITROS XT 3400 can simultaneously perform two commonly ordered tests on one VITROS XT MicroSlide, a multi-layered, postage stamp-sized slide that filters out lipids and proteins.

Ortho Clinical Diagnostics

Random Access Platform

The RX daytona+ delivers a high level of precision, accuracy and reliability with the ability to perform emergency STAT sampling. The FDA-cleared RX daytona+ is fully automated and can perform up to 450 tests per hour including ISE. It comprises a test menu covering routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, antioxidants, cardiac and diabetes testing.

Randox Laboratories