Cole-Parmer stirs up scientific community with customizable hotplate stirrers

Sept. 20, 2019

For the very first time, and with the use of an online configurator, customers can customize their own colorful, sleek and technology-rich Stuart Hotplate Stirrer. Individuals can select from a variety of parameters including model type, interface, surfac,e and color. Each unit can be designed to unique specifications, built for its specific application and is personal to the owner.

The range comprises three versions: hotplate, stirrer or hotplate stirrer, and three interfaces to choose from analog, digital,and premium, with the latter boasting, enhanced versatility. The former two are available in white, black, and blue, while the premium is supplied in an additional five colors: pink, avocado, tangerine, red, and ultraviolet.

All three versions offer minimal storage and footprint, accommodation for a retort stand to receive an external temperature probe, while an independent hot light LED clearly shows when instrument temperature is over 50˚C, making it safe even when the unit is unplugged. These latest additions mean researchers have even greater control over their experiments and processes while making their lab safer.

Each unit is robust and has a host of user-friendly features that will keep individuals safe including chemically toughened glass interface, glass-ceramic or ceramic-coated aluminum hotplate, and independent hot-warning light. They also have temperature sensor compatibility, programming with a built-in timer (Premium version only) and 50 to 2000 rpm.

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