Antigens and antibodies with emphasis on human coagulation applications

Aug. 1, 2019

In a press release, Binding Site’s IMMUNOLOGICALS GROUP announced that it has just completed a major expansion to their antibody and antigen product offerings for human Coagulation testing applications. Both Prothombin and Glycerol-Free Prothombin proteins are now available as antigens, while the antibody products now include Anti-Human Factor H; Factor I; Fibrinogen; Fibronectin; Plasminogen; Prothombin; Thrombin; and von Willebrand Factor. 

The availability of these antigens and antibodies are certain to help meet the needs of both clinical laboratory professionals and manufacturers of in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) products, but also biopharmaceutical, medical, and life science researchers, as all of the products are designed to work as critical components within a number of enzyme immunoassay testing applications, especially ELISA. 

The available antigens exhibit exceptional purity levels as a result of unique chromatographic techniques, while the antibodies demonstrate outstanding degrees of both purity and specificity. Both product lines also feature extended shelf-life stability claims, along with reliable lot-to-lot consistencies, and are shipped with a Certificate-of-Analysis (CoA), for improved record keeping and traceability.

 All of the products are available in unitized, standard-vial size formats, with bulk packaging and customer-specific manufacturing options available as well.

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