July 2019 Product Focus – Centrifuges

June 24, 2019
Cytocentrifugation system

ELITechGroup’s Cytopro Rotor is a cytocentrifuge rotor with a patented flow control ring that enables five- to nine-fold increase in the number of cells on a single slide. This complete, integrated system is adaptable with most cytocentrifuge systems and available as a fully integrated system. Features include cell recovery, single and dual chamber options, trouble-free operation, and traceability. ELITechGroup also offers a dual-purpose stainer with cytocentrifugation, and is recognized in Aerospray staining and cytocentrifugation.


Programmable STAT centrifuge

With the demand for STAT samples at an all-time high, Drucker Diagnostics’ DASH Flex 12 centrifuge enables a reduction in turnaround time (TAT). Monitor cycle status down to the last second and modify settings on the fly using the digital display and timer. LED lid lights indicate cycle status at a glance (off when ready, on when running, flashing when done) to drive down TAT and prevent forgotten tubes. Program up to 10 custom time and speed settings or choose from three presets for common STAT applications. Includes rotor, tube holders, and a two-year warranty.

Drucker Diagnostics

Horizontal centrifuge

Sarstedt’s SMC 6 is a six-place benchtop centrifuge featuring a swing-out rotor for horizontal separation of blood specimens. The SMC 6 has a preset spin program for simple operation that eliminates the possibility of speed or time adjustment. A SMC 6plus model is also available with a second preset centrifugation option for spinning urine samples. The instrument’s brushless motor provides smooth and quiet operation. Safety features include a clear lid for visibility and an automatic lock. The SMC 6 is designed to accommodate tubes with a maximum filling volume of 10ml and maximum diameter of 17mm.


Benchtop centrifuges

A new line of benchtop laboratory equipment has been announced by Globe Scientific. The initial offering includes several different centrifuges (mini, clinical, hematocrit, micro, and refrigerated), a variable speed vortex mixer, rotisserie and carousel-style tube rotators, and tube rollers and stirrers with more models in the pipeline for introduction later this year. Each model is equipped with technical and safety features and comes with a two-year warranty backed by customer support. In stock and available for immediate delivery.

Globe Scientific

Blood banking centrifuges

The Thermo Scientific large capacity blood banking centrifuges can process up to 16 x 500 mL blood bags, addressing the need of blood processing centers for high-throughput capabilities that deliver run-to-run reproducibility while maintaining sample integrity. The ergonomically-designed Thermo Scientific Sorvall BP and Thermo Scientific Heraeus Cryofuge centrifuges feature windshielded rotors allowing for up to 65 percent energy savings, while a smart touch interface simplifies conversion of existing protocols for application flexibility. A mobile application facilitates remote performance and status monitoring. All models meet MDD CE and U.S. FDA requirements. 

Thermo Scientific