Purified human CRP for research and IVD manufacturing applications

May 7, 2019

BINDING SITE’s IMMUNOLOGICALS GROUP offers two separate grades of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) for in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturing and research applications. Both products have been designed for use as a component within solid phase enzyme immunoassay test (EIA) procedures, as well as in the manufacturing of calibration and quality control materials. As such, the availability of these antigens can benefit the needs of biopharmaceutical, clinical, drug-discovery, and life science researchers, as well as manufacturers of IVD test kits.

CRP is an acute phase reactant, a protein produced by the liver and released into the blood within a few hours after tissue injury, the start of an infection, or other cause of inflammation. Markedly increased levels are observed, for example, after trauma or myocardial infarction, with active or uncontrolled autoimmune disorders, and with serious bacterial infections.

Both proteins offer a 99 percent purity grade (Catalogue No. BP300.X) and an 80 percent pure grade (Catalogue No. BP301.X)—as a result of proprietary manufacturing techniques. In addition, both demonstrate lot-to-lot consistencies and offer lengthy shelf life stability claims. Both are screened and found to be negative for HIV, HbsAg, and HCV and are offered in customer-defined bulk packaging configurations.

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