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Integrating pharmacogenomics into the standard of care

Oct. 16, 2023
PGx can lead to better overall quality of care by making sure that medications are prescribed with the specific individual in mind rather than guessing what may work best under the “standard of care” paradigm.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) is used to understand how variations in key areas of an individual's genome may impact efficacy of a medication, dosage considerations, and potential adverse drug reactions (ADRs). Thus, PGx has become a viable piece of the overall healthcare puzzle. PGx testing can be performed in advance of prescribing medication to streamline medication selection, reduce trial-and-error, and minimize ADRs. Alternatively, it can be utilized to help explain why a medication isn’t working or causing an ADR, and get the individual back on the best therapeutic path. 

Download the whitepaper “Integrating pharmacogenomics into the standard of care in the United States” to learn more about the implementation hurdles that need to be overcome, as well as PGx tools that are readily available now.

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