New Thermo Scientific Heracell Incubators

June 13, 2024
Delivers new features compatible with lab automation, supporting emerging automated cell therapy production processes.

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced the Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators.

These CO2 incubators are designed for integration into automated and modular laboratories. The VIOS family of incubators are known for optimal cell growth conditions and minimal contamination risk. Now adding the innovation of patent-pending automated door control, the Heracell VIOS AxD CO2 incubator opens automatically when integrated into a centralized lab automation platform, allowing vessel loading and unloading through robotic control and supporting continuous cell therapy production processes.

Features include:

  • In-chamber HEPA filtration capturing all particles regardless of size, protecting cultures from airborne contaminants that can enter any incubator when the door is opened.
  • Thermo Scientific THRIVE active airflow for homogeneous culturing conditions throughout the incubator chamber. The Thermo Scientific Steri-Run Cycle, which is independently proven to reach a 12-log sterility assurance level, eliminating more than one million biological indicators for both dry heat sterilization and autoclave sterilization in half the lethal time used in production models.

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