Akadeum Life Sciences announces the start of beta-stage testing of its Alerion cell separation system

May 2, 2024
The cell separation instrument takes one step closer to clinical manufacturing workflows as customers commence beta-stage testing.

Akadeum Life Sciences has announced the start of beta-stage testing of their Alerion cell separation system.

The Alerion instrument’s beta test phase will allow Akadeum to gather valuable insights from customers to refine the reliability and functionality of the instrument in advance of a full product launch.

The Alerion instrument is a closed system that allows T cells to be separated from a leukopak using Akadeum’s buoyancy-activated cell-sorting (BACS) microbubble technology. It is compatible with existing high-performance positive selection (and activation) and negative selection applications. During its beta phase, Akadeum customers are experiencing 90% cell recovery rates, semi-automated sample processing, and time savings. Beta users have been able to isolate cells from two samples, simultaneously, in under 60 minutes. Additionally, the instrument has a 100B cell per hour capacity.

For more information, visit https://www.akadeum.com/products.