PathogenDx launches novel D3 Array multiplexed molecular diagnostics technology for UTI pathogen detection and antibiotic resistance

Feb. 8, 2024
New product.

PathogenDx announced the launch of D3 Array-UTI, a multiplexed PCR test that detects 26 pathogens and 12 antibiotic resistance gene markers to aid clinicians in delivering rapid UTI treatment.

Powered by the Company’s novel multiplexed molecular diagnostics technology, D3 Array-UTI features testing in triplicate for quality assurance, with qualitative and quantitative results in the same reaction, as well as automated, cloud-based data analysis, reporting and management. 

D3 Array-UTI is the latest addition to the platform of tests based on PathogenDx’s patented Dynamic Dimensional Detection (D3 Array), which combines a unique microarray architecture that increases sensitivity, with detection and discrimination of pathogens and antibiotic resistant gene markers via rapid concurrent room temperature hybridization. The array is equipment agnostic, making it compatible with routine molecular instrumentation and existing workflow.

D3-Array-UTI utilizes a foil-sealed 96-well plate, allowing labs to use only the wells needed without incurring additional cost and waste for unused wells on a plate. Data analysis and reporting is automated using PathogenDx’s Augury proprietary cloud-based data analysis and data management tool, reducing the time and cost of deciphering results.

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