Contextual genomics and lab genomics partner for liquid biopsy cancer testing

Jan. 17, 2020

Contextual Genomics, a cancer genomics company, and Lab Genomics, a personalized medicine company providing molecular genetic testing in Southern California, announced that they have signed an agreement enabling Lab Genomics to offer Contextual Genomics’ quality assured Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based ctDNA cancer genomic testing to patients in Southern California and other parts of the United States.

Under the terms of their agreement, Lab Genomics will offer the FOLLOW IT panel, a test detecting cell-free circulating tumor DNA in plasma to patients diagnosed with cancer. The FOLLOW IT panel is a multiplex, NGS genomic assay designed for rapid deployment into labs around the world. The FOLLOW IT assay evaluates the mutation status of the cell-free circulating tumor, identifying the somatic mutations that have the greatest potential to impact treatment decisions.

“At Lab Genomics, our mission is to deliver a suite of unmatched molecular diagnostic services to our customers, to provide preventive, predictive, personalized services,” said Leena Dalal, Founder of Lab Genomics. “This partnership with Contextual Genomics, adding FOLLOW IT liquid biopsy cancer testing for our customers, provides a critical less invasive alternative testing option for cancer patients where tissue biopsy is difficult or not available. We look forward to continuing to support the best quality of life possible for all patients and FOLLOW IT will be an important part of our oncology offering.”

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