Multiply Labs and Thermo Fisher Scientific expand partnership to automate cell expansion and separation in cell therapy manufacturing

Feb. 13, 2024
Automating Thermo Fisher’s GMP-ready instruments using Multiply Labs’ robotic technology helps reduce costs and accelerates timelines.

Through integration with Multiply Labs' robotic technology, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cell therapy instruments can now be fully automated for cell therapy manufacturing.

This collaboration has a goal of supporting reduced costs, accelerated production timelines and improved scalability, helping innovative cell therapies reach more patients.

With the automated Heracell VIOS Incubator, up to 18 products can be hosted in parallel when using G-Rex100M bioreactors. The ability to support 18 products at once per incubator signals future scalability, as with two automated incubators, manufacturers would be able to create 36 products at the same time and scale upwards from there as incubators are added.

Furthermore, by automating Thermo Fisher’s CTS Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System, key manufacturing steps including upstream and downstream cell processing, can be performed automatically.

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