Integrated DNA Technologies and Element Biosciences accelerate next generation sequencing workflows for Element’s AVITI System

Feb. 6, 2024
Partnership includes launch of new IDT xGen NGS products designed exclusively for Element’s AVITI System.

Life sciences companies Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) and Element Biosciences, Inc. have bolstered their partnership with products to enable more efficient and streamlined next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows for users of the AVITI System.

Launching is a suite of high-quality adapters, universal blockers and library amplification primer mixes designed for the AVITI System. These products can support a range of applications, including DNA, RNA, and methylation sequencing workflows, as well as IDT’s proven hybridization capture chemistry. They also are intended to minimize sequence errors from PCR or sequencing that might impact demultiplexing.

To support Element’s AVITI System with native library construction and hybridization capture enrichment, IDT is offering the following stocked AVITI products:

  • xGen Stubby Adapter-UDI Primers for Element
  • xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for Element
  • xGen Library Amplification Primer Mix for Element

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