QIAGEN launches complete Sample to Insight workflow for microbiome research

Nov. 7, 2023
Workflow enables diverse microbiome research applications, including gut health, soil microbiology, and antibiotic resistance, maximizing DNA diversity and minimizing bias.

QIAGEN announced the launch of the Microbiome WGS SeqSets, a comprehensive Sample to Insight workflow.

The workflow streamlines the process steps involving sample extraction and next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation to prepare the sample for processing in an NGS sequencer, followed by user‑friendly bioinformatics analysis designed for researchers without expertise in the field.

The QIAamp PowerFecal Pro WGS SeqSets and the DNeasy PowerSoil Pro WGS SeqSets workflow begins with DNA extraction using the DNeasy PowerSoil Pro or QIAamp PowerFecal Pro DNA Kits, which isolate high yields of DNA and identify bacterial diversity.

Following extraction, the QIAseq Normalizer Kit streamlines library normalization, enabling easy pooling for high-throughput sequencing. The QIAseq FX DNA Library Kit enables rapid 2.5-hour NGS library preparation for whole genome metagenomic analysis, creating sequencing libraries with minimal bias through enzymatic fragmentation and adapter ligation.

Finally, bioinformatics analysis is conducted using the Microbial Analysis Portal, an intuitive web-based platform. It enables taxonomic identification of microbes, provides a detailed breakdown of microbial species, and supports antimicrobial resistance (AMR) analysis for identifying antibiotic resistance genes.

The SeqSets are designed for diverse microbiome research applications, including studies of gut health, soil microbiology, antibiotic resistance, and many others.

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