TherageniX and University of Nottingham awarded grant to develop powdered gene therapy for bone regeneration

Sept. 6, 2023
Novel non-viral gene delivery platform to help advance tissue repair following orthopedic surgery.

TherageniX and its collaborator, the University of Nottingham, have been awarded a £995,000 grant from Innovate UK. The funding will support the development of the company’s gene therapy in a powder, a non-viral gene delivery system to improve tissue regeneration following surgery. TherageniX will initially focus on orthopedic applications, with the aim of improving the outcomes for patients undergoing bone grafting procedures.

TherageniX’s proprietary technology allows rapid transfection of patients’ cells with the gene(s) of interest. Following this intra-operative procedure, the transfected cells are then implanted at the surgical site, enabling the body to produce the relevant proteins or factors for tissue regeneration. The grant will allow the company to focus on developing its non-viral gene delivery system, transforming its liquid formulation into an enhanced dry powder gene therapy.

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