COLA kicks off Laboratory Week early

April 10, 2020

In their eagerness to celebrate the work being done by laboratorians during the pandemic, as well as to reiterate their commitment to quality lab medicine, COLA recently kicked off Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, which is scheduled for April 19-25, 2020.

“COLA is committed to quality laboratory medicine and during the pandemic, never has the work of laboratorians been more important. Every year we are proud participants in National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, and we give laboratorians the recognition that they deserve for their valuable work in the medical field. We want to honor all healthcare professionals as they fight to keep patients safe and healthy, however, we must take the time to recognize the unseen laboratory professionals that are testing and providing needed information for accurate diagnosis and quality care. COLA will be launching our efforts to honor laboratorians early this year as they make a major impact on COVID-19 starting with using the hashtag #UnitedToStopCOVID19.”

Nancy Stratton, Chief Executive Officer of COLA, continued, “The media has done a great job of congratulating doctors and nurses for their hard work on COVID-19 and we are also thankful for their efforts and sacrifices during this pandemic. COLA appreciates and emphasizes the contributions of the medical laboratory professional. Those working in laboratories, including phlebotomists, processors, accessioners, data entry staff, couriers, laboratory warehouse personnel, and testing personnel are key to upholding the highest levels of patient care. During these uncertain times, now more than ever, medical laboratory professionals are the key to reigning in the virus. They offer invaluable expertise related to test results during the diagnosis process and throughout treatment.”

COLA has joined forces with healthcare professionals by sharing timely CDC Laboratory Outreach Communication Systems (LOCs) alerts and information to keep the public informed. “COLA is very proud to take part in celebrating the important contribution that laboratorians make to patients achieving well-being and quality of life.”

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