Blood community issues new joint statement to combat misinformation regarding vaccines and the blood supply

Jan. 31, 2023
AABB, ABC, and ARC joint statement.

To combat ongoing misinformation about COVID-19 vaccinations and blood donation, AABB is joining with America’s Blood Centers (ABC) and the American Red Cross (ARC) to reiterate the safety of America’s blood supply and assure the public that vaccines do not pose a risk to patients receiving blood transfusions.

On behalf of the blood community, the three organizations recently released a joint statement, which emphasizes that all blood donations from individuals who have received a COVID-19 vaccine approved or authorized for use in the U.S. are safe for transfusion. “On multiple occasions, the Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that there is no evidence to support concerns related to the safety of blood donated by vaccinated individuals,” the statement reads.

The organizations are also seeking to assure the public that there is no need to distinguish between blood donated from vaccinated individuals from that donated from unvaccinated individuals. “There is no scientific evidence that demonstrates adverse outcomes from the transfusions of blood products collected from vaccinated donors and, therefore, no medical reason to distinguish or separate blood donations from individuals who have received a COVID19 vaccination,” the statement reads.

AABB, ABC and ARC also provided information to address questions about the potential of vaccine components transferring from donor to patient. “All Americans, including both blood donors and blood recipients, should feel confident that receiving a blood transfusion is safe. COVID-19 vaccines do not replicate, and all blood donations offer the same life-saving therapeutic benefits, regardless of the vaccination status of the donor,” the organizations wrote.

AABB release

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