hc1 launches hc1 Workforce Optimization

March 4, 2024
Helps lab leaders proactively address staffing needs utilizing data-driven strategies to predict demand and reduce cost.

hc1 Insights announced the launch of hc1 Workforce Optimization, a new solution that uses trained artificial intelligence (AI) models to project future volume trends and provide actionable recommendations for optimizing laboratory staffing levels.

In partnership with American Oncology Network (AON), the new solution was developed and tested over the course of 2023. The collaboration with AON helped accelerate the project, providing evidence-based expertise and actionable recommendations to the hc1 development team while enabling AON to have the earliest opportunity to utilize the solution to resolve staffing shortages before they happen. 

By predicting demand for lab services department-by-department across the organization, hc1 Workforce Optimization enables lab leaders to proactively identify potential shortages or overages, adjust staffing assignments accordingly and monitor the business impact of changes over time. Optimizing staffing levels in this way will minimize sendout and short-term staffing costs, decrease staff turnover and burnout caused by understaffing and reduce turnaround time to improve patient outcomes. 

For more information on hc1 Workforce Optimization, lab leaders can request a personalized demonstration at hc1.com. In addition, hc1 will host a First Look Webinar on Wednesday, February 21, at 11 a.m. Visit info.hc1.com/webinar-registration-predicting-future-lab-staffing-needs-with-ai to learn more and register.

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