First Canadian healthcare provider to benefit from Atellica Solution

July 31, 2019

The DynaLIFE installation is the first in Canada to connect the Atellica Solution analyzers to Aptio Automation with third party analyzers also running on the automation line, creating a customized offering to meet DynaLIFE’s testing needs. Aptio Automation enables improved utilization of lab resources, increased efficiency, accelerated processing, and consistent turnaround time for test results by combining intelligent technologies with Siemens Healthineers workflow expertise.

The Atellica Solution is comprised of sample management as well as immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers and is a fit for mid-and high-volume labs. It delivers flexibility to adapt to changing testing needs and space constraints. The solution can combine up to 10 components into more than 300 customizable configurations including linear, L and U shapes. It can operate as a stand-alone system or connect to Aptio Automation to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary testing solution that could include clinical chemistry, immunoassay, hemostasis, hematology, and plasma protein analyzers.

Having operated in Canada for over 50 years, DynaLIFE provides diagnostic laboratory services to more than 2,000 physicians and supports 2.1 million community patient visits annually. In addition, DynaLIFE also provides testing for acute care and hospital patients from across northern Alberta. Its services are provided by approximately 1,200 laboratory employees working at 35 sites including hospital laboratories, community patient care centres, and its central testing laboratory in Edmonton, Alberta. The new Atellica Solution has been installed at DynaLIFE’s state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton, where in excess of 18 million tests are performed each year.

DynaLIFE is the largest Atellica Solution automation site in the world as of early 2019, running 7,500 tubes in a single day.

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