August 2016 Product Focus – Automation (plus New Products)

July 20, 2016

Laboratory automation solution

Combined with state-of-the-art analyzers and intelligent informatics, Power Express provides a total laboratory automation solution that maximizes uptime, minimizes errors, and allows laboratories to achieve optimal workflow without the work. Labs can achieve both operational and clinical improvements with 1) LEAN automation that eliminates bottlenecks for consistent workflow, improves FTE utilization, and expedites delivery of results; 2) consolidated multidisciplinary workflow that employs single point of entry for all core laboratory disciplines; 3) scalable automation that provides freedom to grow menu and capacity; and 4) fast and reliable results that consistently deliver TAT  <30 minutes, helping to increase physician satisfaction and speed to treatment. Beckman Coulter

Automated immunohematology system

The TANGO infinity automated immunohematology system maximizes workflow efficiency with minimal pre- and post-analytic operator steps. The instrument offers confidence in result accuracy by monitoring critical processes including verification of all liquid pipetting for every sample, reagent, and assay. Its intuitive software is easy to learn and use, even for intermittent operators. The proven Erytype S and Solidscreen II reagent lines minimize false positive results yet provide the appropriate sensitivity to detect clinically significant antibodies and weak antigen types. The lean and secure TANGO infinity allows generalists to confidently perform testing, freeing valuable immunohematology experts to perform complex serological tasks.  Bio-Rad

Simultaneous detection and identification of multiple analytes

The BioPlex 2200 System combines proprietary random access multiplex testing with innovative software and QC features to maximize workflow and ensure results accuracy. The fully automated BioPlex 2200 eliminates batch testing and provides reproducible results with fast turnaround times. This system supports a variety of autoimmune, infectious disease, and specialty assays, such as the fifth-generation HIV Ag-Ab Assay. BioPlex immunoassays use magnetic beads infused with fluorescent dyes and coated with antigen and antibody ligands, allowing simultaneous detection and identification of multiple analytes from a single sample. BioPlex 2200 can process a minimum of 150 individual bead results for each assay.  Bio-Rad

HIV 1/2 Supplemental Assay

The Geenius HIV 1/2 Supplemental Assay differentiates antibodies to HIV Types 1 and 2 in serum, plasma and whole blood. A reader and proprietary software provides automated reading and interpretation with clear, accurate onscreen results in 30 minutes with full traceability. Geenius is faster and easier than Western Blot and a walk-away alternative to the Multispot HIV-1/HIV-2 Rapid Test. It covers the second step of the HIV testing algorithm recommended by the CDC.  Bio-Rad

HbA1c results and hemoglobin variants

The D-100 System is the future of HbA1c testing. With innovative solutions to maximize workflow efficiency, the D-100 System allows high volume laboratories to quickly and easily report HbA1c results while also detecting hemoglobin variants. With one-touch operation and streamlined result review, the D-100 delivers gold standard HbA1c results. The D-100 is a unique HbA1c testing system with no interference from common hemoglobin variants. With an impressive throughput and dramatically reduced operator hands-on time, the D-100 produces HbA1c results that are automatically reviewed and flagged. The software interface is easy to use, and designed to maintain continuous operation.  Bio-Rad

Barcode driven microbiology specimen processor and work-up system

COPAN’s WASPLab brings microbiology out of the manual era and straight into full automation. WASPLab is a barcode-driven Microbiology specimen processor and work-up system which connects to WASP DT using a conveyor track. WASPLab moves samples from front-end processing to full specimen management, automated incubation, and digital Microbiology. With its modular design and small footprint, WASPLab can be customized to the unique needs of the lab, including robotic plate management system, smart incubators, and state-of-the-art image acquisition technology. With the revolutionary algorithms paired with sophisticated image analysis software, WASPLab is changing the way labs work and opening the door for groundbreaking digital Microbiology.  Copan

Blood bank automation

Hemo Bioscience’s Hemo-QC is a whole blood quality control kit intended for the daily quality control of routine blood bank reagents used in manual, semi-automated and automated blood typing and antibody screening test systems. Features include 7 ml containers compatible with all instrument systems currently available in the United States; three tubes for daily quality control of ABO/Rh(D) and antibody detection; 42-day closed vial stability and 10-day open vial stability; cost effectiveness, as fewer reagent sets are used monthly; monthly shipments on standing order; and FDA 510(k) clearance.  Hemo Bioscience

Automated bench-top recapping

For safe and affordable automated bench-top recapping, the KapSafe Recapper has three models to fit both small and large volume facilities: KapSafe, KapSafe-LS, and the KapSafe-mini. Manual recapping and decapping can cause many challenges, and laboratory staff will appreciate the protection offered with automated equipment and affordable solutions. Safe recapping is essential regardless of volume. All KapSafe models have no pneumatics, no noise, small footprint, and throughput up to 1,200 tubes per hour.  LPG Consulting

High-volume automation solution

Designed for high-throughput laboratories, cobas connection modules (CCM) offer the ability to consolidate the vast majority of a laboratory’s testing volume, at high throughputs—up to 2,000 tubes per hour, while providing predictable workflow and turnaround times. The CCM provides customers the ability to connect to the Roche standalone automation portfolio directly to Roche analytics without compromising the flexibility of the standalone automation concept. Based on its design, this high-volume automation solution provides convenient sample loading, quality and quantity checks, workflow flexibility, and multidisciplinary connectivity, such as hematology, coagulation, and the first IVD vendor to connect molecular testing solutions validated for cross-contamination compliance.*Expected Q4/16 availability in the U.S.  Roche

Automating primary vial preprocessing steps

Improving laboratory efficiency, the cobas p 480 instrument accepts PreservCyt, SurePath liquid-based cytology vials as well as cobas PCR Media tubes; processes four vials simultaneously; and requires minimal training with intuitive interface. It reduces hands-on time and repetitive motions with four unique workflows: Decapping; Recapping; Aliquoting; and Reagent addition and heating. It improves sample reproducibility and process reliability: a) Sample chain of custody is assured with primary and secondary vial barcode matching; b) All vials are spun prior to opening to remove potentially contaminating droplets from sample caps; c) Precision pipetting using CO-RE tip, Total Aspirate and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) and AntiDroplet Control (ADC) technologies reduces opportunities for contamination and ensures sample integrity; d) No LIS or data connection is required; and e) Printable reports capture all sample IDs, sample error, and reagent lot and expiration information.  Roche

Capillary separation for proteins, hemoglobins, and HbA1c

Sebia’s CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing provides high resolution capillary separation for proteins, hemoglobins, and HbA1c. The CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing offers proven technology, and high throughpu, maximizing walk-away capabilities. The CAPPILLARYS 2 Flex Piercing utilizes proprietary software, PHORESIS, allowing pathology ease of use and interpretation as well as networking seamlessly proven at installations in the United States and worldwide.  Sebia

Automated sample processing

Aptio Automation combines intelligent technologies with workflow expertise from Siemens Healthineers to deliver flexible solutions that advance laboratory productivity. Labs can leverage enhancements introduced in 2016—including more diagnostic analyzers, pre-analytical modules, and process management tools—to simplify multidisciplinary testing. Highly adaptable, needs-based Aptio Automation solutions will enable lab leaders to accelerate sample processing, achieve consistent turnaround times, and proactively control operations for better patient outcomes.  Siemens Healthineers

Free-standing and TLA ready automation system

Sysmex XN-9000 provides comprehensive multi-discipline testing modules for hematology and HbA1c testing. The system is configurable to the level of efficiencies desired, with a combination of the following modules: advanced hematology testing analyzers (XN-10), reflexive slidemaker/stainer (SP-10), automated digital cell image (DI-60), pre / post-analytical EDTA tube management (TS-10), HPLC-HbA1c testing (Bio-Rad VARIANT II TURBO Link), and integrated decision logic software (Sysmex WAM). The design flexibility of the system offers a free standing, lavender top management island, with integration to various TLA tracks available in the market today.  Sysmex

New Products

Pre-filled specimen jars

Surgipath AffirmSeal Pre-Filled Specimen Jars include four new sizes; 40mL, 60mL, 90mL and 120mL, and are offered in multiple packaging configurations. Pre-filled with 10 percent neutral buffered formalin, AffirmSeal jars are specifically designed for safe collection and transport of various sized specimens. The jars feature a plastic mold design that creates two clearly audible and tactile “clicks” when the lid is properly secured. This provides confirmation that the specimen is secure, helps prevent leakage, and offers an added level of safety from formalin fumes for couriers and technicians. AffirmSeal jars are made of durable plastic to prevent cracking when inadvertently dropped, and comply with 95 kPa pressure testing for safe air shipment and use in pneumatic transport systems. The packaging is made of chipboard material, making it safe for operating room use. In terms of configurations, Mini-Pak sizes allow for easy breakdown of the cases for distribution to other labs and physician offices. Alternatively, flat packs save storage space and provide added durability during transit.  Leica Biosystems

2.0 mL blood collection tube

Cell-Free DNA BCT, a direct-draw tube for the collection and preservation of whole blood samples, is now available as a 2.0 mL draw tube. Cell-Free DNA BCT is a direct-draw blood collection tube with a formaldehyde-free preservative stabilizing nucleated blood cells. This unique stabilization prevents the release of genomic DNA, allowing isolation of high-quality cell-free DNA which can be further used for a wide range of downstream applications commonly used in clinical research studies, drug discovery, and diagnostic assay development. Cell-Free DNA BCT reduces the need for immediate plasma preparation due to its stabilization properties. Cell-Free DNA is stable for up to 14 days, while circulating tumor cells are stable for up to four days, at room temperature, allowing convenient sample collection, transport, and storage. The new 2.0 mL tube, and the 10.0 mL tube, are available in multiple kit configurations. Cell-Free DNA BCT is For Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures in the U.S.  Streck

Energy saving laboratory fume hood

The UniFlow CE AireStream is a full duty fume hood in a compact size, which offers 50 percent energy savings over conventional hoods. The CE’s low flow constant volume by-pass design maintains consistent face velocity. CE fume hoods are offered in 30”, 36”, 48”, and 72” widths and can be equipped with a wide selection of accessories to meet specific process needs. CE fume hoods are constructed totally of composite resin for superior chemical resistance, no rust, and can be supplied with or without an exhaust blower in standard or explosion proof models. HEMCO is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.  HEMCO