Bioautomation - Combining drug discovery and 3D-printing

July 26, 2022
A new cascadable instrument platform.

Sample preparation in life sciences and bioautomation usually require dedicated machinery for different applications. Liquid handling of different volume ranges matters for drug discovery, plates and membrane handling is important for IVD manufacturers, 3D-printing of biodegenerative polymers is crucial for regenerative medicine.

GeSiM is a bioinstrumentation player for 20 years, e.g. the Nano-Plotter for array printing and micropipetting has been established across the world.

GeSiM machines are usually configured to order, combining following tools and methods (selection):

  • Array/ line printing and Nanoliter pipetting with piezo tips and solenoid dispense valves,
  • Bulk pipetting with single-use tips,
  • Extrusion of high-viscose polymers from cartridges by different methods,
  • FDM printing,
  • Handling of vials and tubes,
  • Pick & place of small solid objects,
  • Cutting,
  • Full 3D-printing, based on external CAD data,
  • Plasma treatment for surface preparation,
  • UV-curing,
  • Camera inspection and camera-based alignment,
  • Nanoimprint lithography, based on a proprietary stamping method.

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