PerkinElmer launches software for remote lab management

Nov. 26, 2021

PerkinElmer has launched PKeye Workflow Monitor, a cloud-based platform enabling laboratory personnel to remotely manage and monitor PerkinElmer instruments and workflows in real-time.

The PKeye Workflow Monitor offers scientists and researchers access and visibility into their laboratory operations. With a cloud-based web design and centralized summary dashboard, authorized users can monitor and view real-time status updates, receive notifications, run completion data, and view video clips remotely.

With the option to receive notifications via email or SMS, the PKeye Workflow Monitor informs users of the start, stop and completion of operations. It can also notify users if manual intervention is needed, such as the replenishment of tips or need to refill reagents. With instruments enabled with video recording capabilities, the platform can also record and store specific events and errors.

The PKeye Workflow Monitor is currently able to facilitate visual monitoring of the PerkinElmer JANUS G3, Sciclone G3, and Zephyr G3 workstations. It is also compatible with the company’s LabChip GX Touch instrument and the chemagic 360 platform.

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