September 2018 Product Focus

Aug. 22, 2018

LIS for smaller and start-up labs

The xLab Starter LIS is a very cost-effective complete laboratory information system (LIS) that includes all of the features and benefits of the xLab LIS. The xLab Starter is designed specifically for smaller and start-up labs and includes: one instrument interface, complete installation and training, and 90 days support. xLab Starter is designed to grow with customer needs. Its features include the capacity to add l instruments, EMR/billing interfaces, enhanced support, and a module for Drug Toxicology. AP-Visions

Reagent inventory management

COVE Lab Software InvMan ver. 7.6 automates reagent inventory, purchasing, and equipment inventory tasks. It alerts users to expiring lot numbers, reagents which need to be ordered, and equipment service visits. The software is accessed from any PC in the lab, allowing staff to view reagent levels or request reagents to be ordered. Purchasing can be set to automatic based upon desired levels and the quantity in the lab. Manufacturer barcode labels can be scanned directly, greatly automating the inventory process. Cove Lab

LIS for molecular, clinical and anatomic pathology labs

LigoLab Information Systems is a comprehensive and agile solution designed to meet the diverse needs of Molecular, Clinical and Anatomic Pathology laboratories. LigoLab supports, transforms, and streamlines the complete life-cycle of laboratory operations. As a complete enterprise-wide solution, LigoLab AP/LIS goes beyond the core workflow support and provides modules for revenue cycle management, outreach support, document imaging, specimen security and tracking, client services, digital pathology, send-out tracking, and consultative diagnostic reporting. LigoLab offers volume-based pricing with no upfront licensing fees. LigoLab

Optical Character Recognition module

When electronic interfacing is not an option, NovoPath OCR Module (Optical Character Recognition) can capture patient and test order information automatically from a computer or an EMR-generated requisition and transfer the information directly into the corresponding NovoPath case. Accessioners no longer need to type in orders manually. They can instead focus on reviewing the captured data, providing an additional QA step. NovoPath OCR can be trained to capture patient, insurance, and ordering physician information. It can save time by automating data entry and improve data accuracy by removing the chance for human error. NOVOPATH

QC and result management software

The soon-to-be-released Atellica Data Manager from Siemens Healthineers operationalizes lab data to standardize testing, optimize quality control (QC) performance and maximize the potential of autoverification while reducing operator interventions, unwarranted variations, and errors. Open and scalable, Atellica Data Manager is built on the powerful CentraLink solution which has been used by more than 1,000 laboratories to optimize clinical operations, increase testing volumes, and improve turnaround times. This QC and result management software delivers the clinical details needed for informed decisions using a distinctive and intuitive new user interface. Siemens Healthineers

LIS for AP labs conducting NGS

Sunquest PowerPath and Sunquest CoPathPlus can now be integrated with the Sunquest Mitogen Genetic Analysis tool. With the availability of this integration, AP labs conducting nest-generation sequencing (NGS) can benefit from integrated, actionable reporting, combining the power of pathology-focused LIS and genetic variant annotation and interpretation offering. Labs integrating AP and genetic reporting will benefit from single, integrated reports delivered by the Sunquest AP solution that a) combines pathology and genetic testing results; b) eliminates manual and duplicate data entry in multiple systems; and c) grants contextual access to results. Sunquest

POCT management

Orchard Trellis is an advanced point-of-care testing (POCT) management and integration software solution that provides remote administration of all POCT activities across multiple locations, including device and operator competency assessment tracking. Trellis transmits POCT results to the LIS and EHR, reducing manual entry errors and automating POCT billing. Orchard offers a high level of flexibility in its implementation for various POCT scenarios that enables your POCT program to help providers make faster clinical decisions, include POCT results in analytics, and promote patient satisfaction. Orchard Software

Easy to use LIS

Schuyler House has installed over 1000 LIS systems, both in the U.S. and internationally, over 25 years of business. Their Midwest office is dedicated to providing excellent Technical Support. SchuyLab is a competitively-priced, full-featured Laboratory Information System (LIS). SchuyLab can process and bill thousands of specimens daily with 100+ of stations or be scaled for a single station POL. A SchuyLab system increases efficiency, throughput, error reduction, and captures missed billing and decreases overtime. Schuyler House

Optimize revenue, workflow

CGM LABDAQ from CompuGroup Medical (CGM) is an evolved LIS (laboratory information system) that leverages a modern platform and decades of experience. CGM LABDAQ empowers labs of all sizes to optimize revenue and improve customer retention by increasing efficiency, streamlining workflow, reducing turnaround times, and promoting patient safety. Rules-based technology supports compliance with best practices. Order routing rules can automatically order reference lab vs. in-house tests based on patient insurance to ensure reimbursement and minimize denials. Instrument data and quality control (QC) metrics are electronically captured and reviewed, and CGM LABDAQ integrates with billing systems and provides business decision support analytics. CGM