July 2015 Product Focus – Analyzers

July 22, 2015


The ARKRAY AUTION HYBRID AU-4050 is a fully automated analyzer which integrates proven urine chemistry and flow cytometry diagnostic technology into a small, space-saving footprint. This analyzer standardizes workflow and reduces tech-to-tech subjectivity; processes up to 200 chemistry tests per hour and provides a high level of bacteria detection; has high capacity with minimal operator intervention for true walk-away capabilities; streamlines urinalysis testing with automatic reflex testing with no manual dilutions and minimal maintenance; and provides easy training and competency retention. The AUTION HYBRID AU-4050 is an efficient, easy-to-use analyzer that provides high quality results and improved bacteria detection for better patient outcomes.


DiaSorin’s LIAISON XL Analyzer

The DiaSorin LIAISON XL Analyzer is a fully-automated, random access, chemiluminescent immunoassay analyzer for in vitro diagnostic analysis on human serum or plasma. With a maximum throughput of up to 180 tests per hour, the LIAISON XL delivers reliability and efficiency. The LIAISON XL has 25 reagent integral positions. The system provides the operator an upfront estimation of the consumables on board and allows the operator to add additional consumables before starting the run. The instrument informs the user when weekly and monthly maintenance is due and monitors the scheduled tasks automatically.


Streck’s ESR-Auto Plus

Streck’s ESR-Auto Plus, an automated sed-rate analyzer, accurately and precisely measures the sedimentation rate of erythrocytes in 30 minutes. The ESR-Auto Plus features >98 percent correlation to Modified Westergren Method; 10-sample capacity and random access 15-minute prediction mode; built-in printer for walk-away capability; and barcode scanner to prevent data transcription errors. The ESR-Auto Plus incorporates a data log file system which stores up to 100 runs of QC data per level and up to 500 patient results. Data can be downloaded to a laboratory information system (LIS).


Magellan Diagnostics’ LeadCare Ultra

Magellan Diagnostics presents a family of compact, FDA-cleared analyzers offering a simple way to perform blood lead testing. LeadCare Ultra offers throughput and convenience for high volume clinical labs while LeadCare Plus* makes it cost-effective for labs to bring lead testing in-house at virtually any volume. These systems feature electronic calibration, require no set-up or routine maintenance, and provide quantitative results in three minutes. *Pending FDA 510(k) clearance.


Randox’s RX daytona+

The RX daytona+ is a bench-top, fully automated, random access clinical chemistry analyzer. Providing rapid comprehensive routine and specialized testing with emergency STAT sampling functionality, the RX daytona+ provides high-quality testing on a compact and easy-to-use platform. The RX daytona+ combines robust hardware and intuitive software with an RX series test menu that includes routine chemistries, specific proteins, lipids, therapeutic drugs, drugs of abuse, antioxidants, and diabetes testing. The RX daytona+ ensures precision, reliability, and accuracy for high-quality results.


Sysmex’s DI-60 Integrated Cell Image Analyzer

The Sysmex DI-60 Integrated Cell Image Analyzer provides complete automation of your manual WBC differential process. It connects directly to Sysmex XN-3000 and XN-9000 analyzers or can be configured alone with the SP-10 Slidemaker/Stainer. The DI-60 lets you integrate CBC analysis, slide preparation, slide staining, and digital image pre-classification of cells in a complete work cell. This frees highly skilled laboratorians to spend more time on the difficult cases. Automated Cell Image Analysis provides a standardized differential result and extensive network connectivity to enhance the service your laboratory provides clinicians and patients.


Vital Diagnostics Envoy 500+

Vital Diagnostics recently launched the newly enhanced Envoy 500+ benchtop chemistry system. The Envoy 500+ is a fully automated chemistry system that runs up to 500 tests per hour and 20 to 80 patients a day. It delivers floor model performance but with benchtop size, making it perfect for medium- and large-sized physician office laboratories, satellite laboratories, and small hospitals. The Envoy 500+ builds on the proven Envoy 500 system and delivers all the same benefits along with new functionality designed to increase overall laboratory productivity cost-effectively. Additional features include new software, clot detection, remote diagnostics, and assay enhancements.


Medical Electronic Systems SQA-Vision automated sperm quality analyzer

Medical Electronic Systems has announced the release of its SQA–Vision automated sperm quality analyzer. Based on 10 years of market feedback, the Vision was designed to augment the company’s SQA offering with a top-of- the-line solution. Some of the enhanced features include a high definition touch screen interface, expanded testing options, and state-of-the-art digital magnification with “Touch-to-Mark” interface. To ease workflow, the system has barcode scanning ability and built-in laboratory information system (LIS) connectivity.


Nova Biomedical’s Stat Profile Prime ES analyzer

Prime ES provides stat electrolyte testing, as well as optional serial batch testing on whole blood, serum/plasma, urine, and dialysate. Prime ES incorporates Nova Biomedical’s innovative ZERØ maintenance cartridge technology for a smaller, faster, and less expensive electrolyte analyzer. Test menu includes: Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg, and Li. Prime’s ZERØ maintenance cartridge technology consists of individual cartridges for sensors and calibrators. Each cartridge is maintenance-free, ready to use, and easily replaced in seconds. This design optimizes the life of each cartridge; improves analyzer uptime; and eliminates the waste, downtime, and higher costs of older, combined calibrator/sensor cartridge or dry chemistry systems. Compact, lightweight, and simple to operate, Prime ES may be used virtually anywhere in a hospital/clinic. Stat Profile Prime ES offers a 10-sample removable tray for serial batch testing.


MedTest’s Mindray BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer

MedTest is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the BS-480 Chemistry Analyzer including manufacturing and distribution of reagents, calibrators, and quality control products for the general chemistry and drugs-of-abuse testing markets. The full menu includes drugs-of-abuse reagents for urine drug screening and a full menu of chemistry tests including specialty tests like HbA1c and Vitamin D. The Mindray BS-480 Analyzer produces 400 photometric test results per hour and 240 ISE tests per hour with an overall throughput of 560 tests per hour. Advanced features of the BS-480 analyzer include numerous automatic processes such as Auto-Start-Up, QC, Rerun, Pre-dilution, Post-dilution, ISE Calibration, Probe Cleaning, Reagent Blank Checks and Probe Collision Recovery, which provides the laboratory with smooth operational and enhanced workflow efficiencies.


Hologic’s Panther system

The Panther system is a fully automated sample-to-answer instrument for molecular diagnostics. Driven by random-access and continuous loading of molecular samples, reagents and consumables, the Panther system eliminates the need for batch processing. The system automates all aspects of nucleic acid testing from sample processing and amplification to results reporting on a single, integrated platform. The Panther system combines true walk-away freedom with intuitive design for ease of use. With its extraordinary level of automation, the Panther system improves laboratory productivity and operational efficiencies, ultimately helping to enhance patient care while reducing lab costs.