New instrumentation added to Streck's A1c-Cellular Linearity assay

Oct. 1, 2014

Streck's A1c-Cellular Linearity, a Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) linearity/calibration verification material with intact red blood cells, is now assayed for the Trinity Biotech Premier Hb9210 and ultrainstruments. A1c-Cellular Linearity is a five-level assayed linearity material used to assess instrument accuracy and verify the patient reportable range of the HbA1c parameter.

A1c-Cellular Linearity's unique formulation does not require reconstitution, reducing the potential for human errors and saving time. The Streck linearity material tests the entire reportable range of the instrument system, including the lyse step. Instrument-specific target values and expected ranges are provided for immediate instrument accuracy verification.

A1c-Cellular Linearity is also assayed for the Abbott ARCHITECT c Systems; Beckman Coulter UniCel DxC 600/800; Bio-Rad D-10/Variant II and Variant II Turbo; VITROS 5,1 FS/5600; cobas INTEGRA/6000/c311;Siemens Dimension Series; and Tosoh G7/G8.

Streck also offers A1c-Cellular, the first HbA1c control on the market with intact red blood cells. A1c-Cellular tests the entire HbA1c procedure, including the lysing of the red blood cells.

Streck's interlaboratory quality control program, STATS, provides customers with evaluation of their instrument's performance against a peer group comprised of other labs using the same instrument, method and product lot. The program is open to all customers at no charge. Learn more about Streck’s A1c Linearity.

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