Siemens offers Tissue Preparation Solution to increase molecular lab efficiency

Dec. 12, 2013

Siemens is now offering its Tissue Preparation Solution to provide molecular pathology laboratories with the ability to extract high quality nucleic acids from fresh frozen (FF) tissues as well as from formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues. Company representatives characterize it as a fully automated solution for standardized isolation of nucleic acids from both FFPE and FF tissue samples obtained from surgeries or biopsies for in vitro diagnosis and research. The Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution includes a Tissue Preparation System and Versant Tissue Preparation Reagents kit.

Usually, Siemens spokespersons say, FF tissue samples require separate workflows and specific kits not compatible with FFPE tissues, making the integration of these two processes a challenge for molecular pathology labs. They stress that the consolidation of both tissue types on the Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution enables labs to fully automate workflows to further increase productivity and efficiency and enable consistent and reliable delivery of testing results.

FF tissues are typically used for quick diagnosis of patients undergoing surgery, research or tissue collection and storage. FFPE tissue samples are routinely prepared from tissues obtained from surgeries and biopsies. In clinical diagnostics, nucleic acids are extracted from these samples for use in infectious disease and oncology testing. Learn more about the Siemens Tissue Preparation system.