SCC Soft Computer to demonstrate SoftPathDx at the 2013 ASCP Annual Meeting

Sept. 12, 2013

SCC Soft Computer (SCC) will demonstrate its diagnostic anatomic pathology and cytology support system, SoftPathDx, at the 2013 American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Annual Meeting, beginning September 18.

SoftPathDx provides the diagnostic laboratory the benefits of electronic record-keeping, rules-based decision making, and the consolidation of results from all departments. According to SCC Soft Computer spokespersons, the information management system can help improve efficiency, reduce errors, and optimize diagnostic decision making. SoftPath Dx can be integrated with SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite applications, providing reflex ordering of tests in the sister applications, with final reporting in the Pathology Report.

SCC’s Genetics Information Systems Suite consists of six technology modules: SoftCytogenetics, SoftMolecular, SoftFlowCytometry, SoftBiochemistry, SoftPathDx, and SoftHLA. The modules are fully integrated and share the same database and common functionality. Learn more about the Genetic Information Systems Suite.