Time-saving workflow enhancement tool now available to anatomic pathology labs

March 28, 2013

NovoPath, Inc., provider of Anatomic Pathology Best-of-Breed Software Solutions, has launched a rapid batch sign-out module. Developed at the request of pathologists who desire a rapid flexible opportunity to review and modify reports, the new module speeds the time to sign-out. According to company representatives, significant time is gained by eliminating the need to open, modify, and save a fully formatted patient report.

Spokespersons assert that batch sign-out offers a considerable improvement over traditional methodologies in which the pathologist is required to wait for an entire report to open, insert any desired changes, save the changes, close the editor, and finally sign out a case. Valuable time is lost on each case; it can add up to 30 minutes to an hour or more each day spent waiting for a fully formatted document to open.

NovoPath’s one-click preview offers the option of immediate access to view a text-only version, coupled with the opportunity to implement any changes/edits, save, and sign out reports from preview mode. The “write back” feature authorizes modifications made in either the instant-preview or full-format view mode to be saved—available in either mode upon subsequent viewings—and immediately written into the report for immediate sign out while the edits are saved into NovoPath.

Fully customized reports are then generated for distribution via a variety of channels. Individual lab report templates are developed to include preferred formatting, photomicrographs (conventional H&E, special stains, IHC, etc.), organ maps, tables, and more. Review more solutions from NovoPath.