New Prostate Cancer Report Card keeps treatment options simple to understand

Feb. 27, 2024
Every week, more than 400 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A new prostate cancer resource - the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Report Card - hopes to make it easier for men and their families to better understand the treatment options and outcomes.

Created by a team of South Australian cancer researchers and specialists and led by the University of South Australia’s Dr Kerri Beckmann, it breaks down different treatment types and evaluates survival rates, cancer recurrence, secondary treatments, and any impacts on urinary, bowel and sexual function.

Backed by research, the Report Card is based on real-life data from 8513 South Australian men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer (2008-2018). It has been developed in collaboration with a consumer advisory group, interviews with men affected by prostate cancer, a survey among the general public, and feedback from clinicians.

The research behind the Report Card found:

  • a 97% five-year prostate cancer-specific survival rate.
  • a secondary treatment after aggressive treatments (surgery and radiotherapies) is not uncommon as there is a reasonably high chance of cancer returning.
  • one in three men who opted for active surveillance (recommended for men with low-risk prostate cancer) went on to have other treatments within five years.
  • men who underwent surgery often experienced a significant decrease in urinary continence and sexual function.
  • men who received external beam radiation therapy had the greatest decline in bowel function.
  • men who received hormone therapies experienced increases in hot flashes, changes in body weight, and depression.
  • a higher risk level at the time of diagnosis was associated with a worse prognosis, a higher chance of recurrence, faster transition to active treatment, and greater decline in quality of life.

University of South Australia release on Newswise

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