Roche and Summit Cancer Centers to collaborate for more personalized cancer care

July 16, 2020

Roche has announced the formation of a collaboration with Summit Cancer Centers to explore the use of clinical decision support tools and artificial intelligence-type approaches to the management of patient health information to bring a distinctly personalized approach to care for patients with cancer, according to a press release from Roche.

Spokane, WA-based Summit is an independent, physician-run integrated cancer care network with cancer treatment and imaging services at multiple locations throughout eastern Washington and Idaho. The initial phase of the collaboration will be to implement Roche’s NAVIFY Tumor Board software to automatically pull relevant patient health data and other information from fragmented sources and compile a single, holistic patient dashboard to facilitate Summit’s multidisciplinary tumor board discussions.

For the first time, the implementation of the cloud-based NAVIFY software will also include integration with the OncoEMR electronic medical record (EMR) system, which Summit employs across its network, to include comprehensive, longitudinal patient health information in the tumor board review.

The ability to integrate NAVIFY Tumor Board with the EMR system is of particular significance to Summit because the system includes patient health data generated by different medical systems (e.g., testing labs, radiology images, etc.) that are needed for the evaluation, management and treatment of Summit's patients. The integration with the NAVIFY software allows Roche’s decision support software to provide a more comprehensive patient health profile and facilitate a more efficient and more informed discussion during the tumor board.

As part of the joint initiative, Summit will also be exploring the use of several clinical decision support applications that are part of the NAVIFY portfolio. The integrated apps can extend the functionality of the software by bringing the latest knowledge about relevant clinical guidelines, published studies and clinical trials to the oncology care team.

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