Beckman Coulter launches hematology analyzer with early sepsis indicator

May 21, 2020

Beckman Coulter has announced the availability of its DxH 690T hematology analyzer in the U.S. Designed to streamline workflow and minimize downtime in mid-volume laboratories, the DxH 690T delivers the benefits of the company’s flagship DxH 900 large-volume hematology analyzer in a table-top configuration, according to the company’s press release.

Hematology analysis is a critical part of triaging patients in urgent care settings. The DxH 690T brings mid-volume laboratories advanced features such as the Early Sepsis Indicator (ESId) available on Beckman Coulter’s larger high-volume analyzer, the DxH900. ESId is a novel FDA-cleared, hematology-based cellular biomarker included as part of a standard CBC with differential, which is designed to help emergency department physicians identify adult patients with sepsis or at increased risk of developing sepsis.

“Managing increased demand for testing, while maximizing resource efficiency is top of mind for laboratorians even in the best of circumstances,” said Peter Soltani, PhD, senior vice president and general manager of the hematology business unit at Beckman Coulter. “For mid-volume labs, this is no exception. The DxH 690T reports high confidence results and improves turnaround time by reducing procedural steps and manual touchpoints, making it an ideal solution to help relieve some of this burden. The DxH 690T also supports standardization across hospital networks to a single platform—DxH 900 for larger-volume labs and DxH 690T for mid-volume.”

The DxH 690T applies Beckman Coulter’s core hematology technologies—the enhanced Coulter Principle, VCS 360 and DataFusion—to streamline throughput, minimize reflex testing and reduce manual interventions. Utilizing these technologies for high-resolution analysis of cells in their near native-states, the DxH 690T ensures mid-volume laboratories can achieve the right results the first time without unnecessary reflex or repeats.

Commercially available worldwide, the DxH 690T builds on Beckman Coulter’s strength and history in hematology innovation and complements its broad hematology portfolio, including the DxH 520 for low-volume, the DxH 900 for high-volume and the DxH connected workcell solutions for ultra-high-volume facilities.

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